Cryptocurrency: Earn Your Way To The Top

The world is a big, bad place to live in and this has been proven ever since it was formed aeons ago and this is a truthful fact that cannot be denied by even the staunchest of critics. 

But why is it so? Had that been the case then life would have become extinct from the face of the earth a long time back. After all, earth is the only planet among nine others of the solar system that has the distinction and privilege of having signs of life in it. 

So where is the problem here? Why does the world have such a negative reputation amongst its own inhabitants? Why do they call it a bad place? What harm has it done to them? 

The answer to this question is neither too simple and nor too complicated but it is formed on the basis of opinion where some may coexist with others in harmony while others do so only through compromise. 

Everyone is right in their own way in this matter as they have good counterpoints to support their argument and they’re so authentic and well thought of that it becomes nearly impossible to refute them. 

This aspect has been highlighted by the experts that as long as there is coordination and cooperation amongst people across different countries comprising of different ethnic groups and cultures, this world, with all its problematic limitations and drawbacks, is still worth living and no other place can equal or rival it in this regard. 

Now we come to its inhabitants: human beings and animals where the former dominate it and the latter act as their enforcers. Both coexist perfectly where one is the master and the other is the loyal subordinate, no disrespects meant to either. 

While we talk of humans, their life is quite difficult and complicated in this matter as they always want something or the other and are never satisfied with what they have or how much more they get. In fact, their desire for more increases as soon as one wish is fulfilled. 

Today’s youngsters are extremely ambitious in nature and always on the lookout for something big to accomplish. After completing college, they begin their struggle in the outside world as they start looking for jobs to suit their merits and accomplishments only to get disappoint from all sides as there are no vacancies due to cut throat competition. 

In such a scenario, they are unable to manage anything by themselves and end up adjusting to whatever little they get even if it is far below their dignity and compromise with their fate. 

Fortunately, a beacon of hope came up with the advent of the 21st century as the digital media revolution burst forth and swept everyone of their feet that cannot be explained in words. 

In the late 2000s, it was bitcoins that proved to be a watershed in different fields as it provided a platform for various job deprived youngsters across the world to prove their mettle and earn a living. 

Bitcoins are a part of cryptocurrency or digital currency that are decentralized in nature. It means that unlike your regular banks, they do not have a central bank to their name which can govern or monitor their functioning but they have their own network system that is completely devoid of middlemen and intermediaries. 

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 only as a substitute of the regular currency but quickly met with unprecedented success and became the most popular and reliable form of cryptocurrency in existence that left other, reputed players far behind in the market. 

Its success can be gauged by the fact that there came a time when it was hoping to replace the national currency of every country and occupy the centrestage. Numerous investors and businessmen started buying bitcoins in large numbers in the hopes of reaping rewards. 

Even youngsters, who at one point were worried sick about their future, took this gamble of an opportunity and turned into millionaires within a short span of time as many of them shared their experiences in the public discourse. 

This inspired other people to follow suit and they started looking up online for tricks and tips on how to invest in bitcoin and they too struck gold after learning the basics of the trade. 

Still people are confused today about how to earn cryptocurrency so, therefore, given below are a few points on how to do so: 

  1. The first and most logical step to earn is through purchase just like every other commodity in life. Buy bitcoin through bitcoin ATM and get it with both cash and credit. 
  1. Crypto mining is another way to earn more and you can do so by joining the mining network 
  1. Stake wisely by mining blocks and confirm the transactions in the process in a manner that is similar to lottery. 


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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