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Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum Review

I don’t know anyone who likes to vacuum their own home or anyone that likes to shop for a vacuum. I happened upon my vacuum accidentally. I was an electrolux gal. I swore by electrolux. I love their upright vacuums. The vacuums last forever although there is maintenance to perform on them. Electrolux vacuums are not vacuums you can go out and replace everyday. With the name comes a price. When my electrolux vacuum of 15 plus years died I couldn’t afford $800 at the time for a vacuum. In fact I was in the middle of vacuuming our house preparing for guests to arrive.

My husband volunteered to go to the store and I told him I really didn’t care what he bought as long as the vacuum was an upright vacuum and when it turned on would suck up dirt. Let me tell you I got extremely lucky.

I was exceptionally fond of bodenstaubsauger (german for floor vacuum cleaners which I took from my german friend in the neighborhood and loved the term) as it would remove dirt and stains within minutes.

My husband purchased an Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum that is 12 amps, has five floor settings, comes with an upholstery attachment, extension, and a corner tool that all fit nicely on the back of the machine. My first Bissell was black. It only cost $48.98 (now they are $39) at Wal-mart. My husband called me on the cell phone and said that was the cheapest priced vacuum he could find. I told him I didn’t care because even if it only lasted a year and I had to replace it every year it would still be less than an electrolux.

When the Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum arrived home with my husband I was so excited to be able to finish vacuuming I just took the box and started opening it. There is some assembly required on the vacuum but I would like to note that it is a simple attachment process that all you need is a screwdriver.

I easily assembled the Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum. I checked to see if it had a bag and it came with a bag in place. The bag size is an upright standard size 7 bag. It slips on and is quickly hidden by an easy open cover. Any brand of size 7 bags will fit.

I quickly plugged the vacuum in and turned it on. The Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum roared to life quietly. It’s a typical vacuum noise. I immediately noticed the carpet fibers lifting. I knew the vacuum was doing its job and quite well I might add.

I checked the floor setting and it was in the middle so I put it on one which is the lowest floor setting. The vacuum also has clearly marked settings. The Bissell Powerforce Vacuum immediately went to the floor and I knew this was a perfect setting for bare floors. It became a little more difficult to move on the carpet so I knew the vacuum lowered like it was supposed to do. For my carpet I used a three.

The tools were handily available on the back of the Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum. You don’t have to lug a carrier room to room with attachments for the vacuum. The attachments ride with the vacuum on the vacuum. The bag is easy to change as is the filter. The filter cover easily snaps open and shut.

The Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum has a convenient release when you are ready to vacuum. You step on a small handle and the vacuum releases from the upright position. When you are ready to turn the vacuum off and store it you just set the vacuum back up. The vacuum locks in place with out trouble.

For the price of this vacuum I would have to say it is extremely good quality and the price can not be beat. My first vacuum lasted three or four years. That was with me vacuuming a 2200 sq foot house at least once a week if not two or three times a week. I think the Upright Bissell Powerforce Vacuum is the best vacuum on the market for the money.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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