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Fun Styles to Try This Summer

Summer fashion is fun, playful, and bold. There is always something new and beautiful to try when it comes to summer fashion trends. And vacations, road trips, and weekends away are a great time to play with new fashions and trends that you might not normally wear. Even if your fashion sense is normally wall-flower camouflage, you can break out of your routine and into something new and different for summer. Here are a few not-for-the-faint-of-heart fashions that you may want to try this summer.

Color blocking. Color blocking is fun for summer because you can mix colors you might not normally put together. For the conservative, try mixing different colors in the same depth. For example, wear all pastel colors, all primary colors, or all neon. Try layering two different colored shirts over a third color of pants, and an even different colored pair of shoes. Blend it all together with matching accessories. For the bold, mix and match a bright with a pastel, a red with a yellow, or any combination. Keep the style neat and coordinated, never sloppy.

Print-mixing. This is the boldest, most exciting trend for this summer. Mix prints in any fun combination. The key to making it look like an outfit – and not a mistake- is in keeping the prints within the same color family, print size, and style. For example, try mixing a wide stripe with large flowers, both in red. Or mix small pastel flowers with large pastel flowers, but the colors must be the same. For fun, mix prints that are exactly the same except for the color. When in doubt, find a dress that already mixes the patterns for you. The result will be effortless and very bold.

When it comes to patterns, the best option in this regard is the wholesale clothing in UK that has a separate branch for color patterns and print mixing with some alternatives added for good measure.

Colored jeans. Not your nineties jeans, these colors are bright and bold. Mix them up with an equally boldly colored top, or a crisp white shirt and heels. Choose any color you like – since it won’t be against your face, it doesn’t have to be a hue that flatters you. Skinny cropped styles work best.

Printed pants. You will certainly grab attention in printed pants. Remember, you can pair printed pants with an equally bold, coordinating printed top, a plain black top, or a crisp white button down. Allow a pop of color peep through your button down to make it summery and fun.

Rompers. A throwback to the late seventies, rompers are a fun way to dress for any casual affair. Most rompers are short shorts, solid colors, with boxy sleeves and V necks. Play them up with great accessories and a fabulous pair of sandals.

When it comes to summer fashion, fun is first! Choose styles that make you look great, feel great, and don’t be afraid to think outside your box.


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