What Was Your Best Paint By Numbers Experience?

This is Jennifer Lawrence, and I am from New York. I am 22 years old currently. I came to know about paint-by-numbers when I was 21 years old. Last year when I went to my cousin’s house I came to know about this interesting art form. My brother was a great fan of this painting, and he almost regularly used to do the same for fun and relaxation. I used to think then that how can just by connecting a few numbers by paint anybody can get fun, but when I got into it, I found it really quite unique.

My experience with paint-by-numbers:

My initial thought about paint-by-numbers is a bit different from others. First I thought that it would be quite boring and it is just a kid’s job, not mine but when I started, I slowly realized that art is really very interesting. In fact, connecting the numbers with colorful paints is highly thrilling and exciting. When I completed connecting all the numbers, I felt so good that I have finally created something of my own that I never expected ever in my life. The overall experience was really quite great, and in words, it cannot be justified well enough. I never knew that painting can be so very fun and that that was the first time when I discover the same.

In my childhood, I have never experienced this kind of art, and that is why it seemed so very fascinating for me when I came across it. Trust me, there is no chance of making any mistake in drawing, and this is the best part that I realized. You simply have to join the given numbers chronologically for making the picture completed. When the picture got completed, I felt that I am a professional painter; it was really an amazing feeling. Later, when I came back home, I ordered the paint-by-numbers kit immediately and started making interesting drawings. Now, I am almost addicted to it. Whenever I get free time, I take my brushes and start painting. This is even more interesting than chatting with friends. You should always buy your kit along with a frame as a beginner.

My suggestion is that if someone uses painting kits for adults and practices this art on a daily basis, then not only will he get to know more about painting, but he will also receive acute mental satisfaction by completing the picture. For me, it is a kind of psychological therapy that stimulates the brain-nerves well and releases unwanted stress from your mind. If somebody explains to you about it, you might not find it much interesting, but if you try it by yourself, then only you will be able to evaluate the experience. The pictures that are created from this painting process are not only creative, but they are pretty reflective as well. You can choose the colour as per your own choice and preference. You have to make your brushes cleaned regularly so that you can use them properly.


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