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How to choose the best mattress for yourself?

Want to replace the last mattress because of the backaches it gave you? Having trouble selecting what can be the best for you? There are numerous factors one should pay heed to while choosing an ideal mattress in a given budget like the material, the comfort it provides, durability, material, etc. Companies like Sealy Posturepedic provide a wide range of mattresses. So, instead of hopping from store to store in order to find the best mattress for yourself, here are a few tips which can assist you in buying a new one easily.

  1. MATERIAL OF THE FOAM OF THE MATTRESS: Material of the mattress is based upon the individual’s preference. Following are the types of foams that one can choose from before buying a mattress:
  • Memory foam: These mattresses are filled with memory foam. This foam is best for the people who yearn for better support, good contouring for the body, and intense pressure relief.
  • Latex: Mattresses having latex as foam provides comfort, cooling, and bounce to the people who want to avoid body contouring and want great responsiveness instead.
  • Coils: There is usually more than one layer of coils in a mattress that is responsible for support and comfort. With the advancement in technology, the type of coil and the number of layers of coil change. More the layers, more is the comfort, cooling, and bounce provided.
  • Pillowtop: The pillow-top mattresses maintain the posture of the body since there is a layer of extra foam stuffed in the pillow region to provide a cushion-type feeling to the person’s head
  • Hybrids: As the name suggests, these mattresses are a combination of the above foams. This is done to maximize certain features and minimize others as per the requirement of the customer.

  1. BUDGET: Budget is usually different for everyone, and it does not mean that the more the budget, the better the quality. The motive is to find the best quality and best-suited mattress in a given limited budget. Companies like Sealy Posturepedic providing an extensive range of quality mattresses make it quite easier for the customers to choose the best one that lies in their budget. The minimum budget one should keep for a good quality mattress can be $1000, and if not this much, it is advisable to not go below $500 as one might compromise with the quality in this case. The durability should be another key factor that one should take into consideration while deciding the budget. On average, a mattress should last you for about 8-10 years.
  2. POSITION OF SLEEPING: The position of sleeping is a key factor that decides the type of mattress to be chosen. There are different types of mattress available based on the position in one sleeps:
  • Side: If you are someone who sleeps on your side, then you might need a mattress that is in between soft and medium firm. Since the people who sleep on their side have a tendency to change their leg position from time-to-time, they need support for neck, shoulders and back, and a mattress soft enough to provide this support.
  • Back: For the people who sleep on their backs, it is essential that they buy a little firm mattress that can provide better support to their back than the soft ones. A mattress that provides the best support and firmness to the pressure points should be chosen so that one does not end up with spinal cord problems and backaches.
  • Stomach: Since while sleeping, the person will exert the most pressure by his abdomen on the mattress, the mattress should not be such that the mid-part sinks, causing lower-back aches to the person. Support and firmness should be the priority in selecting the mattresses for such people as they need the mattress to support the rest of their body while sleeping.

  1. WEIGHT OF THE PERSON: The type of mattress can vary from person to person based on how much they weigh. Most of the mattresses are made according to the people of average weight (150-200 pounds). The light people (less than 150 pounds) should always choose a little softer mattress than what they really need as they won’t be able to dig themselves deeper into the mattress and thus can have the upper part of the mattress trouble them due to firmness. The heavier ones (more than 200 pounds) should always aim for a mattress that is firm enough to compensate for their pressure and provides optimum support.
  2. SIZE OF THE MATTRESS: The size of the mattress should definitely be kept in mind while selecting a good mattress for yourself. It should be made sure that the mattress size is bigger than your height as you don’t want your legs hanging from the edge of it while sleeping. Also, the mattress size should be decided on what type of bed you are having. There will be different sizes of mattresses for different sized beds. For example, for a king-sized bed, you will need a mattress of the size of approximately 193cm x 203cm while for that of a queen-sized bed, you will need the size 152cm x 203cm.
  3. DURABILITY AND WARRANTY: Durability of a mattress should be checked before its bought. A mattress should last for a minimum of 8-10 years. The mattress should be durable enough to serve you with comfort and take your weight for years. Of course, if it fails to do so, there is another point that should be checked, i.e., warranty as it is a major aspect of the customer support system. The more the warranty period, the better.

Keeping the above points in mind, you can find the ideal mattress for your body as the primary aim of the mattress is to provide support and comfort to your body when you come to bed after having a long hard day.


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