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By now everyone has heard about social networking and some of the more popular ones like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Social Networking seems to be the thing that all friends and family members do now to stay in contact with one another. But there are a few draw backs, one of course is having your identity stolen and the other being a victim of a predator. Those things understandably scare people and perhaps it’s why you haven’t joined one of these social networks. But just because you haven’t joined one, doesn’t mean you haven’t thought of joining one, probably even feel like you’re being left out sometimes. Well, that problem can be solved with creating your very own social network.

An intriguing site out there that lets you build your own social network is called SocialGo. This site lets you create and run your own personal social network that allows you to invite anyone you want to join it and at the same time can be kept from the public being able to visit and/or join. With this, you can feel safe and secure, knowing that you won’t fall victim to identity theft or predators, and still be able to feel like you’re “keeping up with the Jones” so to speak. In addition, with the help of BuzzVoice, you can grow your audience easily. This service allows you to have more followers and likes on your social network. This will be very helpful as a beginner as one of the hardest challenges you will encounter is to gather more followers.

SocialGo has a variety of different packages from free to premium all with varying price tags. The free package of course is more limited in what you can add to the site, but it still gives you the ability to link with your family and friends and keep tabs on what everyone is doing. For those who want to set it up themselves and have access to all the extras, like video chat, videos, blogging, etc. The monthly fee for this account is $24.99 a month. If you want SocialGo to set it up, maintain it and just let you have to worry about relaxing and enjoying it the monthly fee for this type of account is a bit steep though at $149.99 a month.

The other two types are the Starter Package which is the same as free but the ads are removed for $4.99 a month, otherwise this package is no different than the Free Package being limited in features that are available. But if you’re not into all the fancy bells and whistles that can be added to your network, then the Starter or Free Package is just your ticket.

With the free package you do get 1GB of storage and 10GB of bandwith standard features and unlimited amount of members on your network. But if you aren’t sure if the free package will be good enough for your needs, they do give you a free month of trying out the premium package to see which would be best to suit your needs.

Signing up for one of their networks is quite easy one of the very first things that you are allowed to do is to stipulate whether or not your network will be private or public. There’s also the options for making it a business, education or organization networks.

Once you have signed up they make it quite easy to pick out a template, header and body style for your network, all of which is just with the click of your mouse, no HTML knowledge is needed to get your network up and running.

If you are looking for something that will help you keep in touch with all your family no matter where they are, then SocialGo is probably the route you’re looking for. The privacy that it gives you to commune with your family is ideal for any family member who simply does not want to get caught up in one of those huge social networking sites like MySpace.

So whether you are looking to set up a simple network or more advanced network, SocialGo has what you are looking for to get started having fun and keeping in touch.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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