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Families, businessmen and all those who enjoy active vacations will have a lot to discover in Slovenia. People who are hiking can enjoy the tranquility of the mountains and the climbers, those who practice skiing, canoeing, rowing, fishing, hunting, golf, horse riding and many others can enjoy their favorite sport in a variety of landscapes.


Much of the Slovenian cuisine comes from three main cultures – the Pannonian, the Alpine and the Mediterranean. The oldest Slovenian dishes contain flour and cereal grain. The best known is the štruklji bread prepared with the occasion of the holidays, which today is twisted or is shaped like a crown and the Slovenians prepare it in 70 different ways, filled with sweet compositions, meat or vegetables and žganci. A genuine Slovenian specialty is potica, a desert prepared on different holidays, also made with a great variety of fillings.


Slovenia is a very young country, but with a very long history and just as interesting. It has a small territory in the form of a chicken. It is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, more exactly located at the confluence of Western and Eastern Europe. This positioning offers Slovenia the opportunity to summarize a plurality of cultures, customs and traditions. Consequently, the traditions of this country are many and varied and mostly open for exploration. By New Year, the Slovenians make wishes by saying: Srečno Novo Leto!


In Slovenia are organized street parties where both tourists and locals gather to have fun. These are usually organized in the big cities. The traditional menus for New Year in Slovenia are rich in pork and contain varied deserts such as Prekmurska Gibanica or Potica.

If you’re in the area, you might want to consider visiting Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia that has one of the oldest and richest traditions in wine productions in the world.



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