Hollywood’s New “Cat Syndrome” is Turning Women Over 50 into Felines

What is happening to the women as they age in Hollywood? Is there a new syndrome that is surfacing in the female population that is over 50? The aging women of Hollywood are starting to look like cats.

Fox and Friends had Dolly Parton on the show this morning. She does not look like a woman in her mid-sixties, in fact it was hard to mentally assign her an age after seeing her for the first time in five or six years. Her face has gotten tight, her smile has stretched and she looks as if she is morphing into a cat.

Film stars’ obsession with their looks is nothing new or astonishing as they have to look good in front of the camera for as long as possible so as to get meaty roles in films. Even after crossing 50, this obsession with their features does not seem to ease, quite the contrary. So, you will find both male and female icons of Hollywood going for plastic surgery, hair transplant or botox surgery to appear forever young as they are young at heart as well. There are numerous [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]marketing channels for your plastic surgery practice which you can avail as well and experience it with changed features.

Joan Rivers has the same type of feline look as Dolly Parton. Her skin is stretched as tight as Dolly’s and the two of them look as if their mouth has been widened a few inches on each side. The saying, “she was grinning ear to ear”, rings true with these women.

This plastic surgery phenomenon is seen to its fullest extent in a woman named, Jocelyn Wildenstein. She has often been referred to as “cat woman” because of the many plastic surgeries she has had over the years. Wildenstein has a very disturbing feline look to her face, which is the side effect from the many plastic surgeries she has undergone, as seen on the website Beautie.

Another beauty from the past who is appears to be joining the “felines are us” group is Linda Evans, as seen on TMZ. Her face has also been stretched and she is sporting that tell tale grin from ear to ear. Her looks these days are more of a travesty than someone from the glamorous show, Dynasty.

If Elvis were alive today, he would not recognize his child bride Priscilla. Her face is stretched so tight it looks like it might hurt when she tries to show expression. It is a shame what these women have allowed doctors to do to them.

It is obvious when looking at these women that they have had bad plastic surgery. Their cat like appearances have made them look so unnatural that many of them look deformed. What these women set out to do was to go back in time when their skin was tight and their facial features were perky. Instead of reversing the look of aging, they look like oddities of nature. Other women following closely behind as soon to be members of the feline group are, Cher, Meg Ryan,and Nicole Kidman.

It is as if fate played a horrible joke on these ladies. They wanted so much to be rid of the wrinkles and sagging that they have been tightened into a new looking species. The cat women of Hollywood.


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