Basic Guide in choosing Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of kingdoms is undoubtedly one of the best strategy war games available for mobile. Use it with emulator for PC, and you can enjoy it on laptops and desktops too. The problem is, it’s a complex game with highly strategic gameplay. That is why offers enough support especially for newbies on the platform.

One of the common problems newbies worry about is selecting commanders for their nations. Yes, commanders in ROK are familiar names you hear from history class. But merely choosing commanders because history tells they’re great is not a good idea. You must select according to the game, and see which specific commander fit your strategy and skills.

This is where a guide for choosing commanders comes helpful.

How to Select Commanders for your Nation in Rise of Kingdoms?

Remember these points to select the best commanders for your army:

  • Understand Types and Specialties

First, note that commanders in |ROK comes in different types. You have advance, elite, epic and legendary commanders. Advance are relatively the weakest, and legendary or even rare commanders are the best. Thing is, you can’t simply choose legendary commanders upon starting, since you need to acquire enough resources and open some chests for them.

Then, think about skills that each commander specializes. A commander have four skills and can specialize up to three. Skills available are archer, defender, disabler, gatherer, infantry, jungler, leader, nuker, support, cavalry and siege. So, for example, a commander can carry archer, defender and gatherer skills at once.

As previously mentioned, a commander can specialize up to three skills. And from the four skills in a commander, you can upgrade them by training. Through the upgrades, three of those four skills can be specialized. Upgrades of skills are indicated by number of stars.

  • Determine your Strategy

Your strategy would tell the commander skills you need. If you want to keep a good city defense, for example, a commander with defender skill is needed. If you want to incorporate archers in your army, a commander with archer skills is perfect.

However, be sure to come up with a strategy that both boosts your nation’s survivability and give you an edge in the battle field. So, consider choosing commanders with gatherer skills to keep enough resources for your nation, for example, while selecting cavalry commanders to boost your battle capabilities.

  • Designate Commanders Properly

Say, you’ve selected commanders based on your main strategy. The next thing to do is assign them properly. In doing so, there are few things to remember.

First, as hinted earlier, you must assign commanders according to their skills. For example, put a cavalry commander on your cavalry unit, an infantry commander on an infantry unit and an archer commander over your archer soldiers. Don’t put a commander which specialize on support or healing on the frontline.

Now, here’s the thing. You can put more than one commanders in your army for a battle. That is why there is what you call primary and secondary commanders in ROK.

For example, you can put a cavalry commander as your primary, then assign a support or healer commander as secondary. That way, you’d have enough aid in the battle to keep your soldiers on good condition. Note, however, that primary commanders must have more than 3-stars, while secondary commanders can have any.

Lastly, do not keep your city unattended. Say, put a jungler commander to keep barbarians at bay, as well as station defender commander to keep your stronghold. Also, never underestimate the value of gatherer commanders even if they do not go directly on battle. They would gather and keep enough resources for your nation; both for your city and army.

Choose the Best Commanders for your ROK Nation today!

You now know how to select the best commanders for your nation in Rise of Kingdoms. Note to understand how types, skills and specialization works, determine which commanders you need through strategizing, as well as assign commanders accordingly. Also, remember to take your time in doing all of these, instead of rushing to the battle field.

These notes would surely give you an edge by choosing the right commanders. Incorporate it with other essential strategies and tactics in Rise of Kingdoms for best gaming results.


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