Top 5 PSP Gift Ideas

The PSP has not been in the spotlight as it was once was, however there are still many games that make this system successful. The PSP is powerful because you can use it as a DVD player, this case a UMD Player, an MP3 Player and a small computer to surf the net. Here are some suggestions I have for you to give as gifts.

Gift Idea #6: PSP Go

With its resign appearance and new slide capability it is sure to make the PSP come back. This new system has decreased the screen size from its original 4.3″ to 3.8″. This may be disappointing to many who have played with the original PSP, but the reason for this reduction is because they wanted to make it pocket size. The new PSP Go loses its use of the UMDs so that it is more energy efficient. This means that every game you will own for it will downloadable. Now that the PSP Go relies on downloadable content Sony has increased its memory to 16GB Flash, so you can easily store content within the PSP Go. You can also increase its size by adding a memory stick pro duo. I recommend this gift idea if you will be giving it to someone who has never owned a PSP before, as they cannot play there old UMDs on it. In addition, you can aslo add an FPS Trackers Apex leaderboard checker as a gift to the person you’re giving to.

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Gift Idea #5: Gran Turismo

Anyone who has ever played the Gran Turismo racing games, from its early start on the PSOne, will love this game. It brings together all excitement of a real driving simulator and racing. The game features many cars, “800” as it is read on the box, that will sure make you want to go out and spend a crazy amount in the real world for one. The game is very easy to understand and you receive a lot of credits, in game currency, to buy all those dream cars. Give this gift to anyone who enjoys racing games or for anyone who would enjoy a good ole driving experience.

Gran Turismo Details:

Gift Idea #4: Resistance Retribution

For anyone who bought Resistance and then bought Resistance 2, this game takes place right between the two. This is a third person shooter for the PSP that continues the story of Resistance in a portable manner. The game stays true to Resistance as it feels like the original game. The monsters are just the same and there are new ones for you to challenge. The game is for anyone looking for a good shooter and for those who want more of the Resistance franchise. The controls may seem weird at first but will be easy to learn.

Resistance Retribution Details:

Gift Idea #3: God of War Chains of Olympus

When you want to give a game that you know the person wont want to return give them this game. It is one of the best selling action packed games for the PS2 and now moved on to the PSP. This game features a brand new story line to continue the franchise. The controls are very easy to use and the excitement of the game is one of a kind. Fight all those Greek mythical beasts and enjoy the great scenery. This game will definitely make a great gift for any occasion.

God of War Chain of Olympus:

Gift Idea #2: Soul Calibur Broken Destiny

The Soul Calibur series has moved to be in the top of fighting games for video game systems. It has now moved on to the PSP with the special character Kratos from God of War. For those who have played Soul Calibur they know that every game, and for every system, brings a special character that deals with the system. For the PSP Soul Calibur decided to introduce Kratos as its special character. This game is easy to play and a lot of fun to play with others.

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Details:

Gift Idea #1: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

This gift may seem to be for only fans of the Final Fantasy series, but it can also be introduced as a stand alone game. This game connects the past of Final Fantasy VII and reveals much more to the story. The controls may be very weird at first but it gets easier as you play. It is an action-RPG game that can be enjoyed by both RPG fans and Action gamers. The graphics in this game bring out the best of the PSP and the full cinematic movies will amazed anyone viewing them.

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There are many different kinds of games for the PSP that gives you much variety. You can use this as a guide to help you check out games, but of course the choice comes down to you. Know the person you will be giving the gift to and watch them have fun.



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