Crypto-currency Investment: Secure Your Future

Investment is considered to be the safest form of safety and security that you can provide to your assets and properties. It guards the things that we require the most of all to survive in this world(aside from the necessary food, water and oxygen), which is money.

Why is money so important for us? Why are we living in such times that money has started playing a vital role in controlling and influencing our lives like a marionette? Why do we feel the need to include it in the list of the 3 basic necessities required for survival of human beings?

It has to be admitted that we all have come a long way. To think that there were such times that even existed where mankind used to buy and sell goods and services through the simple process of the barter system is quite impossible to fathom in today’s times.

But the barter system gave way for money as the most important medium of exchange to purchase the basic necessities and gradually came to be followed throughout the rest of the world in a short span of time.

A piece of paper with the number represented on it to signify its value took the form of a legal tender and currency of an entire country whose inhabitants numbered in millions with the legal/federal government of each country branding it with the seal of tangible currency.

As time passed, the needs and desire of mankind continued to grow with each decade, along with ever increasing population and blatant corruption by politicians representing the government adding to its woes.

The needs and necessities increased the desire for more, which in turn gave rise to greed that eventually led to man turning to the wrong path to get what he desired and in the most unscrupulous and uncivilized methods to achieve the aims.

Due to this, there came times where money and assets began to be deposited into bank accounts that were in the name of the owner/account holder. The investment process where he stored a significant amount as fixed deposits in order for it to double in the near future came as a welcome oasis in such troubled times.

However, potential fraudsters and cheats are not to be stopped, as they are always one step ahead of others in matters regarding money. Technological advancement, proved to be a boon as well as a curse as while it still helped in developing more secure methods to safeguard money through online security it also, inadvertently, created a new problem.

The potential cheats, in the form of computer experts called hackers, took over the virtual world and started hacking online information, even private and personal ones, thereby giving birth to ‘Cyber Crime’. This term is one which is more common and well known today.

When bitcoin was launched in January 2009, it provided a new aspect called digital currency or crypto-currency, that provided a digital platform for businessmen, investors and youngsters to establish their potential dominance as the new leaders of the ‘digital world’ through this innovative scheme.

The bitcoin circuit, a trading platform where users of crypto-currency did their financial transactions throughout the world proved to be successful. The term ‘fur bitcoin circuit entscheiden’, which translates to ‘decide fur bitcoin circuit’, proved that this new digital currency started calling the shots and ushered ahead as the new currency on the block.

10 Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrency:

  1. Invest small amounts in the beginning: The pain of loss will be easy to deal with and its quite foolish to invest a large sum on the first attempt.
  1. Prior Knowledge is a must
  1. Investment Diversification
  1. Be ready to deal with sudden and unexpected slumps in market fluctuation
  1. Plan good and long standing strategies
  1. Due diligence
  1. Secure your mobile wallets with password
  1. Avoid being dependable on others and conduct regular researches
  1. Be careful while handling issues related to large transactions to avoid scams
  1. Understand the market trade and avoid investing during price fluctuations


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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