Do not Germinate Marijuana Seeds Until You Read This Guide

Cannabis also is known as marijuana, weed or ganja has turned from the devil’s plant to a multi-billion dollar cash crop that you can read about through this Fab CBD review here, and like any plant, it usually starts from a single source, the cannabis seed. Throughout history, cultures with a cannabis-producing background have used several methods to germinate their seeds. Some of those methods even included sacrificing goats to their water and sun gods, but now thanks to technology you don’t have to do any of that.

In the last couple of decades, high tech agricultural development has taken the process of producing cannabis from a rudimentary process to a complete science. This development has allowed people to grow cannabis anywhere in the world, but not only can you grow anywhere in the world, but these developments have also made it possible for anyone to achieve a 100% success rate on every process of the cannabis-producing stage.

But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s start with the first step in the cannabis-producing stage. That step is called germination.

There are many ways to germinate cannabis seeds, some of those are the napkin method, soil germination, peat pellet germination, and Rockwool germination.

Right now, we’re going to use the most basic method which is the napkin method.

Here is exactly what you need to ensure 100% germination:

Step #1) Grab your cup and pour the distilled water

Step #2) Grab your fresh cannabis seed and drop them in the distilled water

Step #3) Grab the cup with cannabis seed in distilled water and placed it in a dark cool spot(Usually inside a drawer)

Step #4) After 24 hrs have passed, grab the cup and take a look at the seeds, the seed should be drowned at the bottom of the cup, if the seed is still floating, push it down with the tip of your index finger and it should go to the bottom of the cup; if it doesn’t, place the cup again in the dark spot and repeat step #4 after 24 hours have passed.

**Note** Sometimes after step #4, the seed might have already germinated and the taproot might be out. At this point, you should go ahead and plant it.

Step #5) Drain the water from the cup and gently place the cannabis seed on top of a fully extended dry napkin

Step #7) Grab the napkin and place it on top of one of the small plates, and fold it so the cannabis seed is completely covered by the napkin.

Step #9) Cover the plate with the other plate, so that the damp napkin is in between the plates

Step #10) Put the plates and the humidity monitor inside the plastic bag

Step #11) Connect the heat mat and place it in the bagged plate on top of it

Step #12) Grab the pen and punch a couple of holes in the bag until the humidity monitor measures 60% humidity

Step #13) Every 8 hours open the bag and check if the taproot has come out or check if the napkin has dried

Step #14) If the napkin is dried, respray with distilled water until the napkin is damp and repeat step #13

Step #15) Once the taproot has come out, YOU’RE DONE!!! Go ahead and plant the seedling

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