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Louis Vuitton- World Renowned Brand For Handbags

There are certain topics that merit many discussions and still you might not do justice to it as some things are beyond words but you have to begin somewhere so that the new people are also introduced to it.

Given the corona virus outbreak, the entire world has been confined to their homes as all countries have called for a nationwide lockdown since the past few weeks as a result of which nobody can go out unless absolutely necessary.

Therefore, everyone is reminiscing about old times when the whole family would go out for a movie or shopping where the ladies in the family would simply stand outside a shop for hours together greedily eyeing their favorite jewelry or dress.

But the one that has the distinction of being called woman’s best friend is the handbag and so let us move our discussion to a brand that is renowned worldwide for its unique set of handbags. 

Brand Royalty

Louis Vuitton is the topic of discussion and many people are familiar with it but there are also many that are not so therefore we will get to study a bit about it and it has some of the best handbags that you can find in the market today.

It is quite astonishing because this company was launched nearly a century and half ago in 1858 by a fashion designer from France who named it after himself: Louis Vuitton.

He was not quite interested in his studies right from childhood and used to help his mother out, who was a hat maker, in her work and learned the better aspects of hats and other products.

After she passed away, he made up his mind to open up his own shop and after a great deal of struggle, launched Louis Vuitton with a variety of products that quickly took the European market by storm and the handbags left everything else behind in the popularity race.

Confusion Reigns

Vuitton handbags are of different designs and qualities to cater to the tastes of various kinds of women, who are anyhow pretty choosy while shopping for handbags and rightfully so as they have to keep their personal items in it but have trouble doing so.

The rival companies have started making replicas of the handbags so as to study the aspects of how it is still in demand even after two centuries in existence. The copies are so perfect that it is impossible for anyone, except experts with an eagle eye, to discern it from the original when they are placed on either side.

Due to which most women end up confused but that does not stop them from trying out Vuitton handbags as there are still many shops that still have original models as they are so popular.

To know more about fake Louis Vuitton models you can click on as it is a great shopping guide for beginners to study more and more about Vuitton products and about the feedback of other women sharing their experience regarding the handbags and the brand as a whole.


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