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Top-Notch Tips How To Make Correctly a Facial Peeling!!!

The peeling represents an important step for every woman skin care.Do you know what peeling products are suitable to each skin type and how frequently should they be used?

The role of peeling is to remove the first layer of deadcells from the skin surface, layer which blocks the skin rejuvenation process.If dead cells are not removed, they stifle the skin, which becomes tarnished, loosing its shine and flexibility.

The skin can be regenerated just by creating new cells.It is true that peeling is essential in keeping a healthy skin, but this must not be done daily, but at longer periods of time, depending on each person type of skin.

If you have a greasy skin, it is recommended to make a peeling twice a week.On the other hand, person who have a normal, mixt, dry or sensitive skin should make a peeling once a week.

Types of cosmetic products for peeling

Cosmetic products used for peeling can be find on the market and there are plenty for all, but you have to chose those which fit your skin type.There are several types of peeling products, that can be divided into various categories: exfoliating gel is suitable for a greasy skin, but not for acne, the creamy peeling can be used by those who have normal or mix skin type, and the mask peeling is recommended to women who have sensitive skin.

How to make correctly a peeling

In order that to obtain the expected results of a peeling, you must respect some rules.Before applying the exfoliating product, the face should be cleaned with a make-up removal product and tonified.Optional, you can make a steam bath for a better opening of the pores.Also, after the peeling is removed, it’s necessary to use a moisturizing cream, in order to hydrate the skin against aggressions from outside.

Professional Peeling

The peeling can also be included in the monthly treatment which is realized at a cosmetic salon, only that, this time, the operation is performed by a beauty expert. Experts are advising that Botox under the nose will weaken lip elevators so proper care should be taken. In the situation, there will be no requirement for conducting a surgery for the lips.

The peeling conducted by a beauty expert, besides the fact that removes the dead cells from the skin surface, it also ensures an efficient massage of the skin, remove the black spots, enhances blood circulation, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness and skin comfort.

Natural peeling mask

The peeling has to clean your skin in a delicate manner, that’s why it’s not recommended to use harsh abrasive products. A natural mask which can be easy prepared at home is the following: leave a scoop of dough to dip into some warm milk and then make a mild massage to your face with the mixture.


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