The Temptation To Try Out Speed Dating: A Great New Step To Take

People can be sensitive about the circumstances in which they will allow themselves to think about love: a beautiful and touching quality without doubt. People tend to have very specific and complex feelings on the qualities they wish for in a relationship. Feelings in these matters can be such a personal domain that people could ever feel uncomfortable expressing them openly. In the normal course of life, the opportunity to meet someone who seems right comes about by happenstance. You could go and hang around places where you are likely to see someone, or you could scour a dating website waiting always for the gracious stroke of luck that brings someone to you. You are always aware of how slim your chances are and how forces beyond your sway need to move your way for something beautiful to occur. To such a person, the awe and mystery of it all adds to the dignity of the undertaking and lend power and significance to the aphorism “marriages are made in heaven”.

To find someone special in the traditional way, the thing to do usually is to make yourself available regularly at all the places that you are likely to come across people with your interests. For young people, to hang out at clubs and bars is the traditional route. The people who attend these public venues will be strangers that you could know nothing about; you wouldn’t know if they are single or attached, or if they are looking for a relationship of any kind at the time. If you do indeed see someone like promising, you would then need to look for a suitable opening or letup in their activities and to invent some plausible way by which you could place yourself before them for their consideration; there would always be the fear of outright rejection approaching a stranger that could give you pause, in addition. While there is a beautiful quality to the sentiment that looks to the powers that be to conspire to bring love to you, there are many people today who feel that patience and waiting can no longer be considered to be romantic when romance is such an uncertain and distant possibility with it.

Speed dating is modern; it is a way forward in romance that places trust in the philosophy of being non-passive and being pro-active. To speed date is to participate in a dating convention that draws attendance from many people in need of a romantic partner, who feel that to expose themselves to large numbers of possible matches would be a good way in which to increase their chances of stumbling on the right person. Conventions of this nature are organized by dating services, or businesses of the kind that run personals websites. People attend a speed dating party when they believe that to depend on luck is a poor way in which to address such an important part of your life. For this reason, people who organize speed dating conventions attempt to weed out as much of the element of the unpredictable as they can. Conventions are arranged for general interests, or to cater to specific interests: for instance for people who look to meet people of certain backgrounds, professions and beliefs or orientations. In this way one can come by dozens of possible matches in the space of no more than a couple of hours. The chances of learning better about the viability of one’s preferences and wishes improve too; one doesn’t wait endlessly for years to see if the dream romance one imagines is really the right kind of dream to have. There is an year’s worth of dating experience that is possible in the space a month with speed dating, that can sort out misconceptions, a lack of practice or problems like perfectionism.

Speed dating arrangements are usually professionally done; things were quiet and the organizers make sure that everyone has the time to any to see as many “candidates” as possible. The atmosphere is usually well-done and tasteful, and the coziness of many people in a room looking for love is a powerful aphrodisiac. Event organizers usually maintain a personal interest in the success of their guests’ hopes. People who are unable to light on someone they are interested in at one event are usually given a free pass for the next. After the main event, participants can socialize on their own, usually at a bar or other social venue provided on the premises. Speed dating is probably here to stay, mainly because it works. It helps people find love and it is done so tastefully most of the time that it has earned itself a reputation as a true enabler of love.

Keep in mind that a free dating app will only tell you about random methods on speed dating but even you have to use your innovative skills on how to handle the other person in a proper manner without making him/her feel uncomfortable so therefore, tread on the path with each and every step carefully placed.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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