There are many reasons why companies should start using promotional products for their business. Using promotional items as corporate gifts or door gifts for corporate events are effective ways to increase brand awareness and improve market visibility.

There have been a number of items that have been used for promotional purposes, some have worked and some were complete failures. To help companies in deciding which item to use for promotion, we’ve listed down some of the most common items that can effectively attract customers when used for promotion:

Customized pens

One key aspect of an effective promotional item is practicality. Giving out something that will have a practical value to the recipient will surely be appreciated and all the more effective as a promotional item. One practical item businesses can utilize as a marketing tool is custom pens. High-quality custom pens with the brand’s logo printed along its body will be an effective corporate gift as it will always have a use in an office or school setting.

Lanyards and badge reels

ID cards and badges is the one item everyone in the office carries around. Often times, it’s kept inside pockets or tucked in a wallet, which makes it inconvenient when one has to bring it out frequently when moving around the office building. This is why lanyards and badge reels are effective promotional items to give out as corporate gifts or door gifts in corporate events as it provides a convenient solution to one the of most common problem people face in the office.

Tumblers and refillable water containers

People working in an office setting don’t often have the luxury of standing up to get a glass of water to stay hydrated. Using tumblers and refillable water containers will be a great way to promote business and brand because it provides an effective and convenient way for individuals working in an office setting to stay hydrated, while giving your business a great canvass to put your business brand and logo for everyone in the office to see.

Notebooks and notepads

As was mentioned earlier, giving out practical corporate gifts that can be used whether at home or in the office are effective tools in promoting brand awareness and improving company visibility to potential market. Notebooks, notepads, and even stationaries are one of the most effective corporate gift to use for promotional purposes. It can easily be sourced out and customize to have a company’s brand logo and probably a short slogan printed in the cover or every page.

Since notebooks and notepads are often used and passed around in the office, school, or even at home, it is an effective way to spread company visibility and expand the potential market of the company.

Clothing apparel

Nothing says promotional product best than a huge print in a shirt, jacket, or even accessories like caps and hats. Using clothing apparels as a promotional item for your company can yield tremendous benefits as it is one of the most visible item around. Having your brand logo printed in shirts and jackets to different people who travel around is an effective way to increase your brand’s visibility to different locations and demographics.

You can also target a certain market by giving away specific types of apparel, depending what your target audience is. For example, printing out your brand’s logo in sportswear will be an effective way to promote your company to sports athletes and enthusiasts.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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