Renting Games Online?

Are you one of those people who rent a game instead of buying it? I know I am. I personally prefer trying the game before I decide if I am going to buy it or not. And I know that there are many others like me out there. I used to go down to my local movie and game store which was just 2 blocks away from me. Then I would go home, order a pizza and game the entire weekend. But unfortunately time goes by and things change. That really sucks sometimes but it is a good thing, too. My favorite place closed down and since that was the only place in town (small town) I didn’t know what to do. At first I started going the bigger city which was about a 20 min drive away. But that didn’t work so I had to find another way. So I got on my pc and started reading and found a company that sends out the movies and games.

The concept was that the customer (me) got to their website and started browsing of the game I wanted. Then when I had found it and ordered it, they shipped it to me free of charge. I got it within about 2-3 days and started playing right away. I could keep it as long as I wanted and therefor there was no late return fees, which I think is great. And when I felt like I was done playing the game I would just send it back to the company. Once I had sent it back I was allowed to rent a new one. I think that concept is pretty smart and it works great. One thing I really liked was that they had a lot of games for pretty much all the consoles and for computers.

I know that there are many of these companies nowadays, since the internet improves more and more so does the services that are provided. The only thing I really did not like was that they had a monthly fee, even though I could cancel at any time. I just think that it would have suited me better if it was possible to pay per rented game instead. But that’s just me and I’m sure there are companies that does provide a “pay per rented copy” payment method.

I think that you should give this kind of renting a try. It works really good but I rather rent the old school way. But at least now you know that it is possible to rent games online without any problems. The only problem I can think of is if you don’t live in America, because I don’t know if the companies ship outside the US. You can check out Fatality Servers for more online gaming options. You can host any online games by yourself and thereafter inviting your friends to play with you as well.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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