World of Warcraft – Siege of Alterac Valley

The battle for Alterac Valley is a fierce battle between the factions where it gives you the taste of large scale raids. The premise behind Alterac Valley is a continuing war between both sides, represented by the Frostwolf Clan of the Horde and the Stormpike Guard of the Alliance. Each side wants to lay claim to this secluded territory as they believe it will provide their side with the edge needed to win the war. If you want to upgrade your level to such an extent that no one can defeat you in Worlds of Warcraft then you can opt for [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]lol boosting for that.

Alterac Valley is the largest battleground in the World of Warcraft. Each faction can have up to 40 players on each team while this battle wages on. Starting when they reach their 51st, players can venture into Alterac valley to help their side win the battle by visiting their respective capital cities.

The goal of Alterac Valley is simple. You must reduce the opposing faction’s battle reinforcements. At the beginning of the match, the Alliance and the Horde each start with 600 reinforcements. The goal is to make sure your opponent reaches zero reinforcements first. Blizzard made sure to provide several ways to reduce reinforcements. The one sure way to win the battle for your side would be to kill the enemies, General. This reduces their reinforcements to zero automatically.

There are also some secondary objectives that can be completed by your side to help gain more honor and reputation. Enemy towers and or bunkers can be burned, when they are overrun by your side. Not only does this feat earn you honor, but it will reduce your enemy reinforcements by 75 for each tower. At the start of the battle, each side has four towers, which makes up 300 reinforcements. What makes these structures important is when they are lost, you lose the extra defense provided to your General by the Warmasters and Marshalls.

Another aspect of this battle is graveyards. Each side is able to capture an enemy graveyard, which will give your faction another place to resurrect, usually closer to the enemy’s main keep. The two most important graveyards are Frostwolf Relief Hut and the Stormpike Aid Station. The loss of these graveyards can almost guarantee your side will lose the battle.

Now you are able to gather reinforcements for your side in two different ways. First, there are two mines located at either end of the valley. The two mines are able to be captured by your side if you can eliminate the enemy boss. If you are able to complete this feat, your side will gain back 1 reinforcement for every 45 seconds. If your faction is able to capture both mines, your side will gain double the amount of reinforcements in the same duration. The second way to garner supplies is to loot the dead enemies and their respective NPCs. You will be able to find numerous odds and ends to take back to your keep.

Is their strategy in Alterac Valley? Yes.

Most of the battles tend to start off with the same pattern. Both factions attempt to gain control of the enemy chokepoint to prevent access to the Field of Strife, located in the center of the valley. The Alliance will center their attacks on the Iceblood Graveyard while the Horde will look to capture the Stonehearth Graveyard. Once your faction captures and controls their enemy’s graveyard, the attention will be centered on their keep and the graveyard located them. When your side has captured the opposing choke point, your side will make the push to gain control of the Relief Hut of the Horde or the Aid Station of the Alliance. An all-out offensive attack will take place on the area outside the keep, laying waste to all enemies and NPCs that wander in. Your site will need to be focused on the defensive side as well because your enemy will send some of their own back to defend the keep.

When the area has been cleared and your side has a chance to rest up and heal themselves, the decision will be made to take down your enemies general, represented by Vanndar Stormpike of the Alliance and Drek’thar for the Horde. Each general is a Raid Boss elite who will be defeated by fifteen or more players. When ready, the command will be issued for everyone to enter the fortress. Your main tank of the raid will need to pick up aggro before anyone can start to lay down any heavy damage. If all of the enemies towers are not destroyed, they will be represented here to help defend their liege. Keep an eye out for the opposing faction who may sneak into the Keep and attempt to disrupt your plan of attack. The one key thing to remember is no one can leave the Keep once Vanndar or Drek are engaged. If they chase one of your own outside of the keep, he will be reset and his health will return to one hundred percent. The one common denominator to the success in Alterac Valley is the control of the graveyards. A stealth unit can capture a graveyard near the enemies keep while their comrades are distracting their enemy at another location. This would give your side the advantage of obtaining the prime location for your faction to resurrect themselves.

Overall, Alterac Valley is a unique battleground they give you the chance to participate in PvP on a large scale where you might never have the chance too. As a player, you can gain a better understanding of your class as you work with complete strangers to reach a common goal.


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