5 Tips for Playing MMOs With Your Partner

As soon as we heard about the development and release of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), my husband and I made a careful plan to develop a guild website and set aside money for the collector’s edition-one each. We even did the math: instead of going out to the movies and dinner a few times per month, we could pay for the game’s monthly subscription fees by limiting those excursions out by one per month. With ow boost you can improve your MMo gameplay along with your partner. You can get a specific tool to boost your game which is definitely going to help you in levelling up.

Once the game came out, we spent about a week straight playing it-and planned for the occasion. Through playing the game together, we’ve learned more about working together and helping our guild.

Discuss Level of Commitment

Playing an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) means something different for everyone. Some people take it very seriously, like it’s a job. Other people just play it casually. Before you start playing a game together, talk about your level of commitment.

My husband is more committed to SWTOR than I am. However, he doesn’t hound me about my lack of activity, especially when work takes over.

Some couples require setting and maintaining daily time limits on MMO time so that other aspects of their relationships and daily lives are not ignored. If you feel like you need to do it, set a timer!

Communicate Often

Along with discussing our level of commitment, I keep my husband informed about my schedule and ask when he’d like to play. We also have a guild, so I take time to keep in touch with them and arrange certain game-related events when possible.

Having friends who play and remain communicative often takes the pressure off of playing the MMO. If my husband and I had tasks in game wanted to accomplish together, we know that it’s okay to rely on others to help us complete these tasks.

Argue Offline

Most MMO guilds utilize chat server hosts such as Mumble or Ventrilo. These programs make communication easier during gameplay because players can speak to each other. However, couples occasionally argue during gameplay communications, especially after something has gone wrong.

  • It’s only natural to feel more assertive towards my spouse than I do amongst some guild mates-including friendly but anonymous people I’ve never met before in person.
  • If something gets heated, we’ve learned to mute the microphones and talk it out as we continue to play.
  • We are also sure to utilize voice chat for teamwork purposes keeping things under control.


Role play of any kind can inspire arguments between couples. Some role players play out in-game relationships, sometimes only with their partners and other times with others. This can get tricky; if you choose to take this path, make sure to discuss it beforehand and set rules and limits.

Create Alts

Alts, or alternative characters, allow players to experience the game by playing different classes. Sometimes people make alts within one guild to help fill the different needs of the group.

Like many MMO players, my husband has alts. However, he tries to make sure that one of these characters is always around the level of my main (main character). If one person plays more often than the other and you use MMOs as a way to spend time together, alts can help your characters level and experience the game together.

Beyond the above tips, it’s always important to take some time away from the computer to bond. Turn off the computer and other electronics and head out on a date in the real world.e


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