How To Shop For High-Quality Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil or also referred to as CBD oil or hemp oil is one of the trending therapeutic and wellness products in the United States and other parts of the world. cbd oil for pain relife, cbd oil for pain management has been legalized in the federal level and more states are now following through.

However, it is really difficult to determine whether cannabis oil is of best quality or “Premium Quality” because not everyone has that eye for detail. There have been a lot of promotional advertisements of claims of selling the best quality of CBD oils but may not have some truth in it. Many brands have jumped into the hype of CBD oil use and are taking the shortcut to branding success. Some CBD oil products would be have very low quality and can be hazardous for human consumption.

Now, this can be tricky. How would you be able to differentiate or weed out the weak ones and choose premium quality cannabis oil? There are certain CBD oil characteristics or qualifiers that will help you zero in on the best quality of cannabis oil in the market.

CBD and THC Content Levels

There are some brands which would claim to have CBD and THC content but has none at all. This is a very desperate move to fool buyers into purchasing fake cannabis oil for a high-grade price.

So, the first thing you have to check on cannabis oil is the label to see the CBD and THC content. So, for CBD, there would be high concentration levels of CBD and low THC levels or less than 0.3%. With marijuana plans, there would normally be high concentration of THC and low levels of CBD.

Premium quality cannabis oil would have much higher concentration of CBD and THC as compared to other similar brands or products.

Laboratory-Tested Brand

This is insofar one of the best ways to tell whether you are buying premium cannabis or CBD oil. Inferior products would not have product safety tests done. Always check for brands or products that are safe and lab-tested to ensure that you get the best and beneficial health results from using premium quality cannabis oil products.

Also, check into the online lab test results of the products. Legitimate brands would always advertise tests and are transparent when it comes to lab test records to guarantee and ensure customers that their product line is safe and of highest quality.

Varied Cannabis Strains and Blends

There are varied types of cannabis plants with different terpene blends and mix of CBD and THC. This provides that unique texture, flavor, and aroma. Hemp strains for CBD oil would be very different from marijuana-based CBD because they have varied cultivation techniques implemented. However, if you do have favorite terpene blends then it would be easy to spot that in cannabis oil and other CBD products.

Locally Grown or Imported?

Most people would prefer locally grown cannabis sources to look into the safety standards of processing and handling pesticides. If you are looking for premium or high-quality cannabis oil, then buying from legitimate and trusted brands would be the safest route because there is absolute transparency in terms of the growing processes. Choose locally grown hemps rather than those imported internationally because the hemp growing standards may be different or not as strict as in the United States.

Oil Extraction Process

You also need to check into the company’s oil curing and extractuion process. There are different ways to extract CBD oil but the slightest error could affect the quality of cannabis oil and could render unsafe or unfit for human consumptions.

So, it would be best to conduct research on the processing of cannabis oil as well as the lab test results to guarantee safety in oil extraction processes.

Your Nose Knows it All!

Your nose is your best trusted chemical sensor when it comes to checking cannabis oil quality. Your nose would definitely know outright if something is off with cannabis oil just by the aroma. High quality cannabis oil has a distinct pungent smell which shows it is of good or superior quality while an overcured cannabis will have a chemical smell or awful taste.

Always make a sniff test when shopping for cannabis oil in-store before you decide to make a purchase. Your nose will be your best tool to know whether you have a premium quality brand or an inferior product that you will regret buying afterwards.

Trust Your Gut Feel – Check For Brand Legitimacy Always!

All the advertising mumbo jumbo in the world is designed to make sales so it would really be very difficult to decipher the premium quality cannabis oil from fake or poor quality products. Most brands would label their CBD oil as the “Best Quality” or “Premium Quality” along with discount or gift coupons which are all very tempting and overwhelming.

All of these labels are just on the exterior and would not entirely show the real deal when it comes to the actual product. Even the advertisements online would not matter because there are no regulations to that. Any brand can always claim to have the best products or cannabis oil in the world and yet you end up with zero results for your health.

The price is not always a good indicator of authenticity or of premium quality CBD oil because there are fake products that sell at ridiculously high prices. So, you have to be wary of that and only buy CBD oil and products from trusted sources or retailers. Checking local suppliers would be best than buying online because there are a lot of posers or fake CBD retailers online that are just riding on with the CBD craze.

The best way to really know whether you are buying premium quality cannabis oil is to trust your nose, check for the CBD and THC content, research on the production process, check on the company or brand’s legitimacy and reputation online, and check on laboratory tests to verify the quality of the cannabis oil in the shelves.


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