5 Fun Party Game Ideas To Try Out With Your Group

Having a group of several people at a party and not getting anything amazing to do might be frustrating. If you are inviting all the people at your home for a party or fun time experience, you can prepare before their start and keep some of the stuff ready. There are so many amazing games to try out with your friends; that’s why they are better to try out.

From playing truth and dare to silly games, it is all about enchanting some of the best moments. You can create moments that are for your life, and they are interesting for sure. Here, we are mentioning the top 5 fun party games that you can try out and have some fun. The below mentioned are some of the best games to try out –

  1. Guessing the Actor

Making a scenario and acting like any of the favorite actors is one of the fun things to do. When you are guessing the actor, you will love the other person making such funny gestures, and it will lead to fun. Make sure that you specify everyone with the basic rules like –

  • Choosing any actor from a specific country so that it becomes easy to guess.
  • The person going to make funny gestures will mention the movie genre or year.
  • Instead of playing this game about an actor, you can play it about movie scenes or games.

These are some of the fun activities to try out with office mates, and you can do the same with your school friends also.

  1. Paining Your Partner

You all can get a blank paper and a pen to draw someone sketch. You need to start the whole by having a person in the center, and everyone will draw the same. As everyone in the room will be an amateur in the drawing. So, this will be a fun time. Everyone gets ten to fifteen minutes to draw whatever he/she wants to. The rule is, no one will show the drawing to anyone, and in the end, you can show. It will be a fun thing, and you can create snap chat stories of the same and enjoy the moment in better manners. Isn’t it one of the impressive games to try out.

  1. Musical Chair

This old but classic game that is loved for the fun time is great to try out. In this game, there will be chairs and members. If there are eight people playing this game, then there will be seven chairs. Someone will play the song and let everyone turn around the chair. They must dance and keep on walking around the chairs.

Whenever the music stops, they must grab the chair. The person who left without any chair will be out. Now, you need to remove one more chair, and everyone will rotate. It doesn’t matter which chair you get; you need to grab it anyhow. Make sure that you choose someone to play the song, which is fare in such games and won’t be doing any partiality.

  1. Truths and Lie

When it comes to finding the best game to play with your friends and loving the moments, you should try out some of the unique and silly games. The best part is, you have a huge range, and this game is the best one to try out. Two people will play this game together, where one person will tell two truths and one lie.

Other people must guess that which one is the truth and which one is a lie. The order of truth and lie can be anyone. So, it is a fun time game where you will love to guess. This game keeps on getting interesting because you will learn about some new truths from the same person. When you are playing, you should try to choose the lies which are very close to the truth so that another person gets confused.

  1. Strange Disease Disorder

Are you willing to get wild and do some silly thing with your gang? Well, this game is best for a group of a couples of people. Each person will act as a strange disease disorder. Everyone gets a one-minute time to think about what he/she wants to do. After that, everyone will get his/her turn and do some of the silly things for two minutes continuously.

The interesting part is, you can tell anyone what to do or you can choose the strange disease for the player. When stoned or drunk, this game goes to a new level, that’s why you can try it out and become one of the funniest persons in the room.

Bottom Line

Checking out some of the portals like the guava to explore new games will help you enjoy the time with your friends. When you have nothing to do, you can try out the above-mentioned games and have a fun time with your group. Make sure that you choose some of the funny games to play with your friends.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded stopadcampaign.com in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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