The Ultimate Battle:Money Clip Vs. Wallet Vs. Card Holder

There are three main choices for men when it comes to carrying their personal items. It can be difficult deciding which is best, and the decision can often be based on influencing factors such as place, time, people, social strata,etc… While it is best to own each type of “wallet”, available to you at any situation, it is also important to decide on what is best to carry everyday.

Money Clip

Money clips are the most compact objects designed for carrying cash and credit cards. Money clips work by clasping cash or credit cards between two solid pieces of metal, holding them securely in the users pants or jacket pocket. Money clips are traditionally marketed as luxury items and are made out of high quality metals such as stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium and platinum. Due to the fact that these metals are durable in nature, they have little flexibility and therefore allow the owner to carry a limited amount of cash. Money clips are usually viewed as ostentatious for two reasons. One, they are made from luxury metals and often strategically engraved with the owners initials. Two, because of their inflexibility users typically have to carry larger bills such as fifty and one hundred dollar bills or credit cards (typically platinum cards), and because a money clip is a clip, it allows for everyone to see its contents. Money Clips, however, are incredibly lightweight and ideal for people who loathe bulky pockets and typically carry limited items, such as ID, Credit Cards and emergency cash. The majority of luxury retailers offer money clips and will usually start in the range of one hundred dollars.


The most traditional method for carrying currency is in a wallet. The wallet dates back to ancient Greece and was a sack carried by the ancient god Hermes in which he kept the head of Medusa. During the time of ancient Greece a wallet was a pouch carried by those who were poverty stricken, and typically used to carry provisions. As metal became commonplace for the use of currency, the wallet transformed into a pouch carried by men of all classes as a means to carry not only coins, but all daily necessities. Today, the wallet, typically a bi-fold, carries paper and plastic currency,along with other necessities, and some versions also sport a coin pouch on one of the flaps to keep change. The majority of wallets are made out of leather and can vary greatly in details, size, and color, though most are black or brown. Because wallets tend to have multiple slots available for cards and cash, it typically will become filled with all types of cards and papers, resulting in a large bulky item protruding from the back pocket. This accumulation is almost inevitable; the space is available, therefore, it will get used. Wallets can be a bit more cumbersome and most ideal for those who tend to keep many items on them “just in case”.

Card Holder

Card holders are the hybrid of a money clip and wallet, allowing you to carry essentials such as cash, credit cards, and ID, but not in an extravagant manner like a money clip, or allowing you to collect too many unneeded items like a wallet. Card holders are two sided with cards slots on each slide and a large slit in the middle, which is normally used to carry cash. Just like a wallet, a card holder is typically made of leather and traditionally offered in black or brown. Card holders are the perfect in between of a wallet and money clip, ideal for someone who wants something slim, practical and swank. A thin minimalist wallet should have adequate space in them for placing of the Card Holder. The holder will differentiate the documents from the money in the wallet for ease to person.

Now the decision is yours on what item is best to carry your important items. For the flashy man who has money to spend and likes to make people aware of his status, the money clip is the option for you. If you are a more traditional man then the standard bi-fold wallet will probably be the best selection for you. However, if you are tired of constantly accumulating miscellaneous items in your wallet then try switching to a card holder wallet. The card holder is slimmer, able to carry all your essentials, and less likely to gather unnecessary items. So what’s in your pocket?


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