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Top Ten Offline Marketing Ideas For Internet Marketers

Internet marketers focus their marketing efforts mainly online as that is where your market is located. However, there are opportunities for you to get your word to more people by doing some offline marketing. Today, we want to talk about the top ten ways you can market your business offline.

You can check the event agencies in new York for the hiring of the right one. The checking of the reviews and rankings is the best thing that a person can adopt. There are excellent marketing ideas available with the marketing agencies to get the work done in less time.

Like all marketing and advertising efforts. Test it, track the results and continue to do the things that work.

  1. Magnet Signs

Unfortunate as it seems, Internet marketers do actually have to leave the house for food, errands, and maybe even to meet with some clients. Since you are out of the house and away from the Internet, it might be nice to tell some people what you do and how to reach your business or websites. This can be done with magnet signs.

You are out driving around anyway, why not allow some people to become aware of you? What is the worst that could happen, you could get some additional traffic? Give it a shot.

  1. Personal Marketing

I believe this is the correct term. But have you ever noticed people standing on the side of the road with signs or dressed in costumes to gather attention. I think of the Little Caesar’s pizza people telling you their large pizza’s are just $5 and pointing to their restaurant or store front.

Nevertheless, you could hire some of these people to work for you and direct others to your website.

  1. Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are very cost effective. They are the signs that politicians use to put in the yard of people that support them. You have seen them everywhere. You can also nail them to telephone poles or trees in your target neighborhoods. Be aware of city ordinance as some of this advertising is not allowed in some places, but still should be utilized where you can.

  1. TV / Radio / Billboards

Obviously, the reach of this form of marketing and advertising is tremendous and you can get your message in front of millions of people. It is great. The draw back is the cost and pricing. I have to admit that it is a good option for you t consider, but very pricey for the budget of most.

  1. Local Paper – Classifieds

A more affordable option for advertising is the classified ads in your local papers and magazines. They are rarely priced very high and still reach a decent amount of people. A simple three line classified ad might be all you need to take your business to the next level.

  1. Write Articles

You spend time as an Internet marketer writing articles, blog post, and more. Why not capitalize on this as much as possible. Take those blog post and submit them to the local paper, interest groups, and more to share with others. You can gain exposure and credibility for educating people. If people honor and respect you, they will visit your website and give you the traffic and conversions you need to be successful.

  1. Brochures, fliers, door hangers, mailers

This is a large section, but you get the idea. Internet marketers can get involved in producing these marketing materials and getting them to their target audience by doing mailers with post cards or letters. You can pass out the fliers and brochures to the people at relevant conventions, events, outings, or just use door hangers going house to house.

  1. T – Shirts

Print off t shirts with your design, logo, and name on it for everyday where. This way when you are out you can gain some attention for your ventures. If you have a little change in your budget, you could print up extra shirts and give them to people at events or conventions about your niche to get more exposure.

  1. Public Relations

Believe it or not, Internet marketers can use public relation efforts in their business. In fact, anyone can. The problem is some times public relation companies can be expensive, but it does take money to make money. You have to determine the value of getting mentioned various publications, papers, or media outlets. But if you can become the go to person for your niche with the media, then the cost of public relations would be worth it.

  1. Workshops & Seminars

Host local seminars and workshops on Internet marketing. Gain the respect of people in your local community by educating them on basic principals that can benefit them in their Internet future. You are positioning yourself as an expert in the market and the people will gain knowledge, recognition of your business, and a resource to tap when they need. YOU!


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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