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Maintaining Dormant Plumbing

Today many people have second bathrooms, third bathrooms or extra showers and sinks throughout their homes. Some people have sinks that they may not even be aware of like basement or garage sinks that never get used. Many times if a person lives alone in a large house extra bathrooms or showers do not get much use if any. These extra sinks and baths must be maintained on a regular basis for many reasons.

Tools needed paper towels, flashlight, common sense and a good sense of smell. Here are four reasons to maintain dormant bathrooms and sinks.

Reason Number 1:

Sewer gas, that comes into the home from drains in bathrooms and sinks that are not used. Periodically run water in a sink or shower stall to prevent sewer gas from coming into ones home. Sewer gas is gas that comes from sewers and seeps into ones home usually form a P-Trap that does not have water in it. A P-Trap is the part of the drain that looks like a U under your sink, tub or shower. The primary function of the trap is to hold water so that sewer gas does not seep up into ones home. Sewer gas usually smells like rotten eggs and can cause eye irritation and nausea and even death.

Keeping the water flowing in dormant plumbing areas can mean the difference between breathing easy or not. For general maintenance run the water at least once a month in these dormant areas.

Reason Number 2:

Keep toilets flushed for maintenance at least once a week to keep all of the parts in good working order. Leaving a toilet dormant for long periods can cause leakage from dried out seals and cause other parts to stick like the flapper, Fluid Master or the ball cock. Flushing unused toilets on a regular basis also holds down on discoloration in the toilet bowl.

Reason Number 3:

Running the water in sinks, showers and tubs keeps the seals working well on these items too. Compression faucets, [Washered] or washerless must be used to keep the seals maintained and in good working condition. Run the water in unused plumbing at least once a month.

Reason 4:

Always check for leaks or other common problems when inspecting bathrooms or sinks. Look around the base of the faucet and underneath the sink with a flashlight. One leak can cause hundreds of dollars in damages if not noticed for quite some time.

Doing these things regularly will keep one healthy as well as save money on repairs so you will no longer have to call for an emergency plumber. Hence, it will help you to save money, time and effort.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded stopadcampaign.com in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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