Understanding The Two Main Types Of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose, and is done for medical or cosmetic purposes. There are many particular procedures under the rhinoplasty category. However, they are mainly divided into two basic types. |These are the open and close rhinoplasty surgery. 

You’d likely to choose between them when going for rhinoplasty. Each has their specific functions, so you must choose which one fits your needs. Moreover, they have their pros and cons which is important to gauge before making a decision. That is why understanding each types, their similarities and differences is important before choosing which to get. 

Two Main Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery available today 

Rhinoplasty is divided into open and close procedures. In a nutshell, open rhinoplasty involves making a horizontal incision between the two nostrils, whereas close rhinoplasty doesn’t require any. That is where their big differences begins. 



Open Rhinoplasty 

The open rhinoplasty procedure involves cutting the area between the two nostrils for better access inside the nose. This allows the doctor to do complicated rhinoplasty procedures, since they can reach deep in the nose easier. That is why this is a favored procedure when doctors need to do complex steps within the nose, as it also minimize the risks of faulty surgeries. After the procedure, they suture the nose to its ideal shape. 

The downside of open rhinoplasty circles on the healing process. It takes longer to heal, and often leaves light scarring between the nose. However, the best doctors provides after care treatment for patients, so the incision would heal better.  This makes open rhinoplasty perfect for people who can remain at rest for longer weeks or even months. 

Close Rhinoplasty 

On the other hand, close rhinoplasty are procedures where doctors don’t make any incision to access the inside of the nose. Instead, they use several equipment or tools to do the job. This type of procedure often leads to faster, easier and better healing process, since it leaves little swelling and scar. 

This is perfect if you need faster result. For example, if you can’t go for longer vacation from work, or if you’re ought to attend an event after few weeks. However, do not compromise it with what your nose really needs. 



Despite of its big benefit, close rhinoplasty makes it harder for doctors to access the inside of the nose. They need to use a lot of special tools to do the job properly. This is also the same reason why close rhinoplasty isn’t suitable for more complicated procedures. Think of cases which involves severe misshape of the nose or face, such as those caused by birth defects. 

Which Type of Rhinoplasty Procedure Suits you? 

Now, you already know about the two main types of rhinoplasty procedure. You’re probably thinking which one you should get. Basically, there are few factors to consider for it: 

  • Doctor’s Specialty 

Some rhinoplasty surgeon specialize on open procedure, while others focuses on close type. Some specialist can do both without problems as well. So, consider the available rhinoplasty doctor in your locale, then see what type of procedure they offer. 

However, you may have specific needs of either of the two procedure. So, carry such info while looking for a rhinoplasty doctor. 

  • Your Needs 

Next, consider what your case needs. Do you need to go for open surgery, or close one would do? Close rhinoplasty is perfect if you simply want to enhance your nose’ appearance. After all, it also offer the perks of better and faster healing after the process. 

But if you have severe nose deformities or nasal pathway ailments, open rhinoplasty is probably necessary. This gives the doctor better access to the inside of your nose for better results. Don’t worry about scarring and inflammation since the doctor would help you handle it properly. 

  • Healing Process 

Lastly, as previously mentioned, open and close rhinoplasty heal differently. Open rhinoplasty needs longer healing time, since you’d probably need to deal with swelling and scarring. ON the other hand, close rhinoplasty heals faster and easier, although you still have to rest for few days or weeks. 



Now, if you need to go active again after a short downtime, close rhinoplasty is perfect for you. If you can remain at rest for few months, go for open rhinoplasty. Be sure, however, not to compromise what you really need with the healing process. For example, you need open rhinoplasty depending on your case, don’t choose close procedure just because of ideal healing time. 

 Find a Reliable Rhinoplasty Expert today! 

If you’re still unsure of which procedure to get, talk with a rhinoplasty doctor regarding your case. They can tell you what they specialize, or see what your nose needs. Be sure, however, to check before and after photos of their works, so you can gauge how well they do their job. 


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