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Top 8 Sites To Buy Authentic Instagram Followers

For some people, Instagram is just a social app where you can post regular updates about your life but for entrepreneurs, this can be a wonderful tool for digital marketing and producing sales.

It might take some before one can officially say that his marketing campaign was successful. One way to boost your chances of success would be to buy Instagram followers but you cannot just buy it from any website that claims to offer this kind of service. You need to look for legitimate ones that do not sell bot followers.

Bot followers are actually quite harmful to your brand. Real ones, on the other hand, gives you a better shot at making it big time.

In this article, we are going to list down websites that offer the best services when it comes to Instagram followers and engagement.

1. Follower Packages

The deal starts with $19 in exchange for 1,000 followers. Whatever your budget may be, Follower Packages can cook up a deal just for you.

This might be the most ethical follower service you can find out there. Aside from the followers, the Follower Packages team also make sure that your brand gets the right amount of engagement that you are asking for.

You don’t have to worry about your followers breaking the terms of service. The followers that Follower Packages provide you with are real people with real Instagram accounts. They also post regularly on their profile so you can be assured that your followers are not just some fake bots.

2. Famoid

Famoid promises their clients that they are one of the best places to get social engagement from. They provide with you authentic followers as well as engagement that is as natural as possible. You will see no sign of paid comments anywhere. With their service, you can also rest assured that there won’t be any drop in your followers.

The Famoid comes with a 30-days Drop Protection. This means that if you see that your number of followers have recently dropped, you can report it immediately and the Famoid team will refill your profile.

The delivery time is instant. The price range is more affordable than Follower Packages, starting at $19 per 2,500 followers.

3. AudienceGain

If you are looking to add some substance into your Instagram page, AudienceGain might be the service that you are looking for.

No fake profiles can be found here. They offer followers with real and genuine accounts. They started way back in 2015 and until now, they still sell solid social media profiles.

They also care about the safety of their clients. With that, they offer various payment methods that won’t compromise the personal information of their clients.

If you have any problem with their service, you will be pleased to know that their customer support team replies quickly. If you want the response time to be even quicker, you can also opt to talk to them via the LiveChat feature of the website.

One downside, however, would be that the delivery time is much slower compared to the other follower services listed in this article. The good news is that while the delivery time is slow, that’s only because they are working to give the best service they can possibly give.

They don’t have a refill policy but they will refund your money if there is a drop in your followers.

4. Venium

If you are looking the least expensive legit Instagram followers in the market, this is it. For just $1.99, you can already get 100 real followers on your page. They also have a quick delivery time as well as a customer service team that is available to answer all your concerns 24/7.

If your goal is to attract buyers through a high number of followers, Venium might just be your best option.

5. Get Real Boost

If credibility is what you are looking for in your follower services provider then Get Real Boost is something worth looking into. It is a well-established social media marketing services company that does not only offer real followers but also following base and organic growth.

One possible disadvantage would be the pricing. Their rates are much more expensive than the rest but you can be assured that their services are impeccable.

6. Krootez

It is said that the people behind this company used to be social media experts. They are not just any kind of experts but they also happen to have worked for some of the top marketing agencies that are solely focused on Instagram.

They have already been offering high-quality and fast services for several years now. After they have delivered the followers and engagement, you can still count on them for all-time support. If you find anything unsatisfactory about their deliverables, they are willing to refund the money that you paid.

7. Media Mister

Unlike the rest of the service providers that were listed here, Media Mister focuses on various kinds of marketing services. Aside from that, it also supports different networks like Instagram.

Media Mister is comprised of a team of experts that were carefully handpicked. They say that they have already helped a ton of brands make it to the next level of their social media marketing.

It would be good to note that they do not have a privacy policy.

Some people see this as a disadvantage but they make up for it with the fact that their service is safe for client accounts.

They have various packages for people who are under a strict budget but they may take more time to deliver their services.

8. Mr. Insta

The name itself gives you the expectation that their follower services are good. They are one of the oldest providers in the industry having started way back in 2013.

From the time of their inception, they have already served over 1 million companies with flying colours. Their service is not limited to Instagram alone. As a matter of fact, they cater to all six social media channels. If you are managing multiple social media platforms for your business then Mr. Insta could possibly give you a pretty good deal.

They do offer a pretty high price range but they have a free trial that you can use to test the waters.

One disadvantage would be that some followers are only country-specific. You have to talk things about with the admins.


It might surprise a lot of people to see how effective buying Instagram followers can be. The secret is to purchase real accounts because there are lots of fake bot followers that are spreading across the internet like a plague.

The bots are most likely to give your brand a bad name but that will never happen with real followers. As a matter of fact, real followers are most likely to help you get a new start with your social media marketing journey.

The service providers that we listed above are services that we have already tried and tested. Once you buy your followers, make sure to combine great content with fast response time. There is no doubt that your Instagram will profile will spiral big-time before you know it.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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