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Tips And Simple Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

Growing hair and maintaining it properly does take time and effort and is a major problem for many out there. For some people, the hair growth is much slower than others and they need to follow a few steps to increase their hair growth and also strengthen the roots of the hair. Please consider that it is not possible to grow hair overnight by any means and you have to follow certain steps to observe an increased hair growth within a month or two.

Tips for hair growth

  • The best way to maintain hair growth is by trimming the ends of your hair at regular intervals say every month. You can simply use any wireless hair clippers to trim your hair without spending much amount on salons. These hair clippers are easy to operate so you can just get your hands onto them.
  • Another easy way is to apply a hair oil and a hair mask once a week. This tends to strengthen the root tips of your hair and make them grow faster. Moroccan Argan oil is especially helpful for hair growth and is considered one of the best options when it comes to hair growth.
  • If you cannot get your hands onto argan oil because of the price then give your scalp a hot oil massage once a week. Just warm some coconut oil to moderate limits and massage it onto your scalp.
  • Another simple method to maintain hair growth is to use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. But remember you are not expected to shampoo your hair more than 4 times a week at any cost. Three washes per week are usually recommended. Some people wash their hair every time they take a bath and it results in more hair loss and damaged quality of hair.

  • Do not wrap up your hair in massive towels and for a longer duration after washing your hair. After you have shampooed your hair it is clean and let your scalp breathe. Do not wrap up your hair in a towel for more than 2 to 3 minutes and always use a light weighted towel to wrap your hair.
  • Another simple measure one can follow is to switch the material of pillowcase from cotton to silk or satin. This helps to reduce the friction at night resulting in fewer tangles in the morning. This could help you prevent hair loss to some extent.
  • Since the above remedies operate with time you can try using some hair growth-boosting supplements for quick growth of your hair. But make sure you use less quantity of supplements to prevent any damage in future or in the long run. Hair growth supplements having chemicals are not recommended for the long run.

Besides these tips make sure the hair products you are using whatever it is, is free from parabens and SLS. Thus, these remedies will not take very long to work and you have your desired hair growth within a month or two.


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