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Good Products for Dry Hair

There are hundreds of hair care products on the market. If you are looking for a hair product that will help with dry hair, let me give you some advice. I have tried almost all of the products out there, so I know what I am talking about. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money to have nice hair that is not dry. Instead, you need to be willing to experiment and find out what dry hair product works best for you. Here are some of my solutions for dry hair, and a look at some of the best and worst dry hair products that are out there.

First, think about how you feel about your dry hair. Do you hate having dry hair? How much would you be willing to pay to have great hair? I am not saying this because you need to buy the best products for dry hair. I am saying it because you need to start thinking about how you treat your hair, and consistently use a great product to keep it looking nice. The best products are not the most expensive. They are the ones that work for you.

Naturally, everyone wants to have good hair but some take rash decisions and end up buying the wrong product based on hearsay without analyzing anything from their side, just to get rid of damaged hair. The best laser hair removal may work wonders for people who have tried out everything without success but it is better to opt for natural products.

When you are shopping for products for dry hair, remember that nothing will really repair hair damage. What you want to do is take better care of your hair, and invest in some good hair products while your hair is growing out to keep it beautiful. Try a variety of products. Buy small size or sample size products to try. Don’t use men’s products, which seem to me to be extra drying to your hair and scalp. Avoid excessive processing – embrace the natural state of your hair and work with it instead.

These are some of the worst products for dry hair:

Ojon –

Smells like nuts, and made my hair greasy. I don’t care if it is the “it” celebrity product or not. Now I wonder if all celebrities stink. Oh yeah, and it cost a lot. Don’t waste your money!!

Ovation Cell Therapy –

Ok, my hair is really dry because I have a thyroid condition. When I heard the ads for Ovation, I thought that I had to try it. It is $50 for three small bottles. My hair did feel a little softer, but it was not worth the price.

Biosilk –

This product makes your hair very soft, but it is another one that stinks. It has a strong flowery smell that sticks with you all day. Also, it is very slimy. It just made my say ew. About $20 per bottle.

Here are the best products for dry hair:

There are a lot of good products out there for dry hair. The ones that I like the best for my dry hair are from Nexxus. This brand has slowly won me over. I tried the small shampoo and conditioner, and then bought the straightener, spray conditioner, and hair spray. I am happy with all of the products. They work well and don’t smell bad either. About $12 per product.

Pantene –

Some of the Pantene products work great. Look for ones for dry hair. About $3-4 per product.

Bed Head –

Tigi’s bead head products also work well. They are about $13 per bottle. Look for the vitamin and moisturizing products.

Frizz Ease products are a nice affordable choice. I especially like their finishing cream, which smoothes out dry spots and helps add some texture to your hair at the same time.

Another good idea is to pass on products you don’t like to your friends, so they can try them too. Especially if they are the more costly brands. You never know how you will like something until you try it for a few days. Dry hair is a problem, but it is better as it is sometimes rather than slathered in bad hair products!


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