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Sliding Shower Doors- Perks & Cons

Do you want to beautify your shower area and looking for options? Well, a sliding shower door here will be wonderful for you. You will find them in glass with both framed and frameless options. Framed options are comparatively bulkier compared to the non-framed ones. But both the options have their own unique appeal and would add a lovely angle to your entire bath space.

Now, there is no denial of the fact that installation of a new thing must be preceded by a solid contemplation of the pros and cons of the product. You too would like to weigh in the pros and cons of sliding shower doors before investing in them for your bathroom. The post below offers a brief on the same for your convenience.

Let’s start with the pros.

Excellent space saver

Does your bathroom feature limited space and you still want to get a shower door? Well, no worries- small space doesn’t mean you are not allowed to beautify your bathroom. A sliding shower door will be an excellent option here. Why? It’s because here the doors overlap on each other. This way the doors don’t consume extra outside or inside space to open up. When you slide open the door, one side gently slides onto the other door- saving you good lot of space.

Easy operation

Sliding doors are a breeze to operate and can be used by the kids as well. They have shower door rollers under them that help them with swift shifts from one side to another. If you install a sliding door, you should make sure to get a comparative study on various shower door wheels & runners/rollers before making the final selection. You may take a look at https://steamshowerstore.co.uk/spare-parts/product-category/door-wheels-runners/ to study various kinds of shower door wheels for your door. Make sure to get a premium roller as otherwise you may face difficulties while sliding your door from one side to another.

Varied options

This is another great advantage of getting a sliding shower door for your bathroom. You will get them in versatile options  to choose from as per the needs of your bathroom. A standard affordable option is clear glass sliding door that allows easy flow of light inside the shower area. You will also find sliding shower doors with tinted glass for better privacy. Then there are modern sliding shower doors with frosted stickers.

Let’s look at the cons now

Door may get off track

One of the common complaints reported by sliding shower door users is that the door had got off track sometimes. It mostly happens if the doors get caught on some stuff which had got trapped in the track.

Uncomfortable for kids

A lot of people prefer to install sliding shower door over bathtub. While that looks great the very installation may cause difficulties for little children. Your tiny one may face issues while climbing in & out of your bathtub if there is a sliding door on top of the tubs.


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