Recruitment In A Heavy Candidate World

It doesn’t matter if the company you work for has five employees or 5,000 employees. Talent Management begins with proper recruitment of candidates and the ‘know how’ to sift through the masses of resumes, phone calls and individuals that are looking for a new Career.

The first step sounds like an easy one, but is the most over looked step in recruitment. Just as if you are giving a speech … you format the vocabulary to the audience you are speaking in front of, in order to relate and gain attention. The same goes for recruiting employees; every position (no matter what level of the organization) is being displayed to a different audience. Be sure to research the position, against your completion and your current employees in that position.

Create a unique Job Posting Title (different from what your company already calls it, if needed). A job title is the item that has to capture the correct audience. There are really two types of recruitment, one is to open a very generic and non-specific job posting/title and capture hundreds of resumes. This causes the need for extra work on the back end, sorting out the individuals that are not qualified, spending excessive amounts of time on the phone and to only find out the candidate isn’t qualified or interested. The second type of recruitment is the well thought out, strategic mind set to capture the proper candidates. This opens the door to have more conversation about the individual’s abilities and skills sets directly related to the position trying to be filled.

Job titles are important; although just as important is the description and how it is articulated by the recruiter or manager. The job posting, the internal Job Description and what is said during the interview must be the same. Although you can emphasize different parts of the job in the three locations … they must be the same. When a candidate sits down or takes a phone call to discuss their future with your company, they will have a little red flag go up if they hear the explanation of the job and it is different from what they have taken the time to research.

A strong candidate will research the position, the organization and the industry of the organization because they have lots of competitive participants for the jobs that makes it tough for an vacancy by the company to hire a huge number of construction recruitment agency candidates. These are keys to spotting strong potential candidates, but they also deserve the same respect and the candidate will look for that. In an independent study, the top three items individuals look for in an employer are Honesty, Job Security and Value.

If an individual hears or sees different position descriptions within an organizations posting, interviews and other communications, then there is a good chance that a smart and skilled candidate will become skeptical of the honesty of your organization. Honesty is the key piece to building moral and allowing the secure feeling in a position.

These are all pieces of Talent Management and this shows how they all stem back to that first item, titling the position. Remember Talent Management is a two way street and the individual will show respect where they feel respect given.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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