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Reaching The Stars With An Amazing Dobsonian Telescope

Over the years, telescopes have come to continuous advancement and development. From a practically non existent instrument way back in the history to one of the helpful device in our modern generation that allows us to have a glimpse of everything beyond our planet, it is fair to say that telescopes have drastically transformed even way better and modernized. Millions of people across the globe are interested in astronomy and stargazing at night as a hobby if passion with their family members or friends. It is undeniable that the use of telescope is still the rage today.

Telescopes and its types

As an amateur astronomer or as someone who loves astronomy, it is necessary that you have the right telescope with you. Basically, there are three types of telescope namely reflector, refractor and compound. Each type varies from one another in terms of specs, features, uses and design but they are all helpful with one main purpose, to draw celestial objects closer to human kinds. But in this article, we are going to focus more on one of the mist common and best choice type of telescope in the market – reflector telescope.

What is a reflecting telescope?

Reflector telescope or also known as the dobsonian telescope is a type of telescope that uses mirrors instead of lens (which is used in a refractor) in collecting or gathering light to view an image or object from afar. For some people, reflector is considered as the best intermediate telescope. This is because it is designed to be used both by beginners and experts. In terms of development, it is said that reflector telescope is one of the first telescopes ever created and developed in the history by some of the great minds in science like Galileo Galilie.

Mirrors instead of lens

One of main characteristics of reflecting telescope, as mentioned earlier is the use of mirrors instead of lens in collecting and gathering lights to view a focused image. As a result, chromatic aberration can be avoided because mirror prevents such aberration to occur. While on refracting telescope that utilize lens instead of mirror tend to bend light on a different wavelength causing chromatic aberration. Hence, if you don’t want to experience this often, reflecting telescope is the best deal for you. That perhaps, is also one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer reflector than any type of telescope.

Design and cost

There are a lot of reflectors in the market and they usually come in with different designs. This will allow you to choose the best design that will definitely match your preference and budget. Majority of reflectors are cost effective because they have high quality specs and features yet affordable. In terms of aperture, which is the diameter of the lens or mirror used to gather light, reflecting telescope has wider aperture. Generally, the bigger the aperture the clearer and brighter the view is. That said, reflecting telescope can provide you quality image yet very cost effective.

Mount or stand

The mount of reflecting telescope also comes in different sizes and design. You can have an array of choices and option when you look for it in the market. Most of the mount nowadays are portable which makes it more appropriate for travelling and stargazing at high places like mountains. Reflecting telescope is also easy to set up and can be fixed efficiently so you don’t have to worry about it when carrying from places to places. That said, reflecting telescope can be considered as one of the best types of telescope used in astronomy and stargazing.

Final say

With all the benefits and advantages of having a reflecting telescope or dobsonian telescope, it is clear why most people prefer to buy such telescope in their astronomy interests. From the materials used, to mirrors instead of lens, to quality design, cost effective and long lasting quality and durability, reflecting telescope is definitely a fine choice of telescope. So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to start your passion in astronomy and stargazing at night, go now and buy your reflecting telescope for you to have an amazing astronomy experience.


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