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Budget Honeymoon Destinations

For most people, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many couples love to brag about exotic honeymoon destinations in Europe, the tropics and other faraway places, but some newlyweds either cannot afford such a journey or simply prefer to use the money for other expenses. Several destinations are ideal for budget-conscious couples to celebrate their love and marriage.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the South’s most popular beachfront resort towns, Myrtle beach offers virtually limitless fun and myriad attractions targeted at couples and newlyweds at a significantly reduced price. You can splurge on fresh Atlantic seafood at one of the numerous beachside grills. Take advantage of the eastern exposure to catch a gorgeous ocean sunrise. For couples truly on a budget crunch, agree to tolerate a sales pitch at one of the numerous timeshare outfits because the company may even agree to foot the lodging expenses.



Gatlinburg, Tennessee

One of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Appalachia, Gatlinburg is home to dozens of name-brand attractions, the largest commercial aquarium in the land and a distinct (and resilient) hillbilly culture. Gatlinburg offers unique leather goods, candies, fudge and wood products. While the resort town can be somewhat expensive when the leaves are changing (especially in September and October), the summer months are relatively budget-friendly, and the winter months—especially January and February—are downright cheap. For couples into physical activity, check out the ski resort at the top of the mountain, then come back to the hotel to relax in front of a romantic fireplace.

The Bahamas

A veritable tropical paradise, the islands of The Bahamas are close enough to the American mainland for cruise operators to offer very budget-friendly fares. For as little as $349 per person (even less in some cases), newlyweds can depart from a Florida cruise terminal like Miami or Port Canaveral on a three-day cruise to Freeport, Nassau, or any of the other islands claimed by The Bahamas. The all-inclusive cruise helps allay some budget concerns, and goods on the island (especially inland and away from the port-side tourist traps) are modestly priced. If enough money is left after the wedding, consider upgrading to a balcony room or suite for an enhanced cruise experience.


Latin & South American Cruises

Like the Bahamas, newlyweds willing to spend only a little extra can find cruises to Belize, Mexico, Honduras and many other Latin and South American countries for well under $1,000 per person. Again, while the price tag may look steep at first, the all-inclusive cruise helps offset expenses and keep the honeymoon well within a modest budget. Check out the amazing snorkeling and underwater SCUBA adventures available. And be sure to haggle with local retailers to receive the best prices on goods and services.



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