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What Are Some Potential Risks Associated With Steroids?

Steroids are human-made compounds that are formed naturally from the human body. As, the steroids like masteron come with various medical benefits which serve the purposes of body pain and recovery from injuries, but it also generates some general risks to the body. 

There are common ways through which the usage of steroids can be misused by a person. This can create immense harm and risk to the body in the long term. So, it is necessary to know about certain ways and make sure to avoid them. 

  • Cycling

it simply refers to taking more quantity of steroid doses at a time and then taking a little break, and then again restarting it. This can create serious harm to the body, which can slow the growth of a person’s body. 

  • Plateauing

this is a situation when a person starts taking different alternatives or substitutes with the steroids. This can mix different compounds in your system, which can give harm the organs and parts of the body. 

  • Stacking

combining or mixing multiple steroids together and taking them as a dose. This is usually taken through the injection mode, which can combine all the steroids together. However, it can harm the muscles and strength of the body and can cause serious side effects. 

  • Pyramiding

This is usually taken by beginners who start with a slow dose and slowly increase the number of their doses. And after reaching its peak, it immediately stops and then starts again. 

Now let us look at some of the risks of side effects associated with taking steroids in the human body. This usually occurs when there is an overdose or misuse of taking steroids in the body. 

  • Gynecomastia 

This is a very common disease that occurs in males by growing their breast glands tissues. This usually occurs due to the imbalance of hormones like testosterone in the body and by misusing steroids. 

It keeps on increasing by taking steroids which can create a poor physique for males in society. So to prevent this disease from happening, make sure to include a healthy diet and take oneself away from steroids. 

  • Risk Of Heart 

Taking an immense quantity of steroids can create a risk to the heart as this is usually associated with high blood pressure, which decreases the function of heart nerves and can result in a major heart attack. 

It can also result in heart stroke, damage to arteries, etc., by increasing the level of LDL, which is responsible for disrupting blood flow throughout the body. So, steroids can cause serious cardiovascular-related damage. 

  • Hormonal Changes 

Taking steroids can disrupt the normal functioning of hormones in the body. Hormones are responsible for any change our body takes in and out, so it is important to keep a healthy check on the hormones. 

But with steroids, our hormones get imbalanced, which can result in low sperm count, low testosterone levels, and even shrinking testicles. This all can show a poor impact on the health of a person. 

  • Risk To Liver 

It is usually found that steroid misuse can easily damage the liver by causing tumors which can affect the health of the liver. As liver’s primary function in our body is to digest the food and make it move into another part but by taking drugs or steroids, the process becomes slow. 

Due to this, the liver starts getting swelled and fails to cover its primary function. This can result in liver damage with serious health issues in the long run. So, make sure to keep a healthy liver. The steroids can be avoided. 

  • Skin Issues 

Along with physical and mental risks, it also causes acne and hair loss issues to the body. This happens due to the overdose or imbalance of misuse of steroids in the body for a long period of time. 

Sometimes, people who inject steroids can develop serious pain or some type of abscess formation around their injectable sites, which can create inflammation in the person. Along with this, this can also become a reason to cause jaundice to the person. 

  • Infections 

It is very common to occur with certain infections to occur with the consumption of steroids in the body. These infections can occur at the time of injecting techniques which take place during the process.

Usually, the injectable needles get contaminated by other users, and this can cause serious infections to one. This has serious and harmful effects on the life of a person by causing infections of HIV or hepatitis B and C. 


Thus, it is the responsibility of a person to maintain a healthy body and mind. If you don’t care about your body, then there is no point in living your life. So, make sure to avoid taking steroids and go for a healthy diet and lifestyle. 


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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