Vegetarian Dog Food: Is it Healthy for Your Dog?

There has been no evidence to show that dogs cannot live a healthy, fulfilled life on a vegetarian diet, and if you as an owner are a vegetarian, there are ways in which you can apply your guidelines to the food your pet eats as well. There are many vegetarian dog food recipes now used in commercially bought dog foods, and it’s also very simple for you to make these at home. Of course, making your own pet food at home has its advantages as well; you can avoid the potentially detrimental health effects of other meat-based commercial products. Considering all this, you can also check out M Dog for different items that you can use and add as you create vegetarian dog food on your own. 

Dogs need protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins in their diet and these can all be found in non-meat based products. Vegetables provide your dog with plenty of nutrients in the same ways that they are good for humans. Not only that but you can adapt the way you cook your vegetables for the family at home to meet the needs of your dog. It could potentially work out cheaper than buying canned or bagged products.

Whole wheat pasta is also a healthy treat for your dog, but you should ensure that it is cooked first. You could mix the vegetables and the pasta together to make a tasty dinner for your dog. In the same way, whole wheat bread is also nutritious for dogs, and you could mix it in as well with the vegetables and pasta, or just use it as a tasty snack for your pet.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to make your dog food at home, there are plenty of commercial products manufactured using vegetarian dog food recipes. Nature’s Recipe is just one of these, and you can buy this brand from many places and it is reasonably priced. Basically Natural also provides vegan and cruelty-free food for both animals and humans as do Wysong Corporation. You just need to shop around a little bit to ensure you buy a product that you can afford and that your pet enjoys eating.

If you talk to your Vet, they will be able to tell you the benefits and disadvantages of vegetarian dog food recipes and also point you in the right direction when thinking of ingredients. Technically speaking, grains, vegetables, and supplements that are not cruelty based can all meet your dog’s dietary requirements, so there is no actual reason why a dog cannot live on a completely meat-free diet, and if you as an owner are a vegetarian, you may find that you do not wish to feed your dog meat-based foods as it would go against your own beliefs. It comes down to personal choice what you want to feed your dog, but you should be aware that there are many resources for vegetarian dog food recipes on the internet and also in book form, so you may wish to check them out and see for yourself the pros and cons.


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