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My Wife’s Weight Loss Challenge And Diet Plan

In view of the fact that my wife just finished her bout of overcoming five years battling with exhaustive menopause, it has been a trying time pertaining to her constant conflict with trying to lose weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My wife’s 2011 diet plan will consist of ways that will help her be conscious of losing weight and moving in the right direction. I have outlined a comprehensive and realistic plan where my wife can feel comfortable in losing weight.

Healthy Eating Alternatives: In light of my wife’s weight loss and diet plan for 2017, it will surround even more of a challenge due to the reality of her breaking her ankle in two places less than one week ago. And as a result of her unfortunate injury, her rehabilitation and challenges have also added a new dimension into the equation of her achieving her goals in 2019. Bone health is very important in the recovery process relating to broken bones. I have now become her personal nutritionist, pertaining to what her diet will consist of for the remainder of this year.

#1 Morning Glory Natural Juice: The first step for my wife’s weight loss program consists of drinking a morning glory juice two times a day for 90 days. Each 24oz. juice consists of 5 carrots, 1 ½ lemon, 4 apples, 2 celery stalks, and 10oz. of any name brand orange juice. The ingredients listed will be processed using a Mr. Juiceman Juicer for optimum results.

#2 Natural Awakenings Beet and Celery Juice: 6 Beets and 8 celery stalks provide a well balanced natural drink to fight obesity. My wife will drink five of these drinks in the afternoon, which will consist of a 7 day period, for a total of 60 days.

#3 Tomatoes and Celery Delight: 8 Roma tomatoes, or meaty tomatoes, 6 celery stalks provide a healing and cleansing effect that my wife will need to recover from her broken ankle, in addition to strengthening her immune system.

Quick-Step Exercises for Recovery and Fitness: The most important process for my wife to lose weight in 2011 will exist in a detailed, but simple exercise program. My wife’s exercise program will not begin until the beginning of March.

Moreover, as my wife was doing her research online by looking for a way to reshape your curves? She came across this amazing process called Coolsculpting that allows you to get rid of your body fat by freezing it. Since this process was really affordable and safe my wife tried it and had amazing results. Since there is no cooldown time with this process you can easily go for this procedure.

#1 Stair Stepping and Ankle Presses: One of the most beneficial exercises in strengthening broken limbs are stair-stepping and ankle presses. My wife’s exercise regime will begin with standing on a board and pressing up and down 10 times/5 repetitions to start. This exercise will be performed for 90 days, intended for a 5-day time frame.

#2 Military Standing Presses: This exercise is designed to strengthen my wife’s lower abs and ankle movement. This exercise will help her to recover expediently from her severe ankle injury. These exercises will be performed for a 5 day period, beginning on March 1st, and ending 90 days from the launch period.

My wife’s weight loss challenge will not be a painless program for her to participate in, but the end result will speak volumes in helping her lose weight for 20179 in addition to helping her reestablish her vitality and self-image.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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