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How Stretching Can Help Ease Back Pain

Stretching is a great way to avoid muscle pain and back pain as well. It increases your flexibility and as a result increases blood flow to the various parts of your body. Stretching is a good way to feel-better and wake-up as it helps you feel more refreshed. Below we aim to help you by explaining a few basic stretches which helps you relieve back pain when done correctly.

According to, using bodywork adds an 85%-90%.success rate for getting rid of backpain. Another source of proof is that, good sleep comfort will rid backpain by 90-03%. As you see there are many ways to rid back pain, but we will focus on stretching since it is pretty effective. If you’re wondering about the microdiscectomy recovery process, then advice of the expert can be taken. Proper exercises should be done through the person for removal of the surgical pain from the back. 

To begin, we’ll start by working on your shoulders. Stand up straight, and begin to shrug your shoulders slowly and begin to rotate them to the back and upwards ten times. Once you’ve done this, repeat the action but rotate your shoulders towards the front.

Next up, we’re going to work on your triceps and to stretch them, you will stand, then starting with your right arm, lift it and rest the tips of your fingers on your shoulders. Then using your left hand try to reach your opposite elbow. Then, with your right hand, reach down your back whilst gently pushing your elbow. Count to eight and then repeat the action the opposite way.

Now we will start working on your arms so whilst standing keep your feet a shoulders width apart, and then you need to start working your arms moving them in a circle, do this slowly ten times and then do it in the opposite direction.

Once this is done you can work on the torso. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulders width apart. Then once you’ve done this slowly and smoothly rotate your waist and start stretching to the side. Move forward, and then rotate to the opposite side. Once this is done repeat slowly and then slowly stretch backward until you straighten up again.

Once standing straight, slightly separate your feet and bend your knees gently and naturally, and then lift your arms to the side at shoulder level, and holding your hands together turn towards your side. Count to five, and then repeat the action on your opposite side, and come back up until you are standing straight.

Next up, stand straight and with your hands, reach down at the side and hold it for five seconds. Once you’ve done this, move your feet apart, and then whilst standing straight, try and reach your toes. Reach down until you feel the stretch and hold it for five seconds. Then straighten up, and repeat the exercise.

Now straighten up and gently shake your arms and your legs, rotate your waist in a free and easy manner and relax. Your stretching circuit is now complete, and you should feel energised and ready for the day.

If you find stretching difficult, sometimes taking a warm bath beforehand helps. After exercise stretching can be dangerous so try to avoid it as you run the risk of injury.


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