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How To Understand Women Better

How Do You Define a Woman?

A woman can be your mother, a sister, friend, classmate or your special someone, your girlfriend.   Every woman in your life deserves real special attention from you.

Every woman expects their men to be remembering special dates or occasion.  That man can be her husband, son or a special someone like her boyfriend.

They hate it so much when a man forgets their special day, their birthday.  You can miss a million events in her life but never ever missed her birthday.

It is a very special occasion in a woman’s life and she is not expecting lavish gifts but simply remembering her on her special day.

Is it Really Difficult to Make a Woman Happy?

A woman has simple happiness.  Just be there for her is enough to make her feel happy.

However, if she often feels neglected, she loses her confidence in herself. There’s a lot of reason to make her happy.

One of which is her family.  Her husband, her kids and if she is still single, her parents.

Those who don’t have a family yet but is engaged or in a relationship, she mostly demands it from her boyfriend.  Women may seem complicated but in reality, they are not.

They simply dwell on her emotions and most of the time, she allows her feelings to go over her.

Once a woman gets drowned by her own emotions, she freaks out and this is what most men see as complicated.  There are things that flare up a woman.

Take a look at these things and avoid compromising her with these things, as it is non-negotiable to her and you can never bargain in any way.

Things that Stirs Up a Woman’s Anger

  1. Forgetting Special Dates

As we have mentioned earlier, she is good at remembering dates, sometimes even the exact time and place.  If you want to live in peace, mark those dates in your calendar.

Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the like are non- negotiable.  You ought to remember these dates or else, something might happen to you.

  1. Surprise Gifts

Much as we say that women are not very particular with gifts, they still want to be surprised once in a while.

If it is her birthday, better be ready with something she did not expect.  Of course, you need to be prepared for these.

Preparing a real leuk verjaardagscadeau vrouw you love is really important.

What gift can you give her?  Your presence! Being there on her special day is enough to surprise her.  This is good especially when she is not expecting you to come as expected.

A surprise visit to her office is an effective birthday present.

  1. Anything but Surprise

Women like surprises.  Little and random surprises are enough to make her day.  A surprise gift, surprise visits anything but surprise will bring a smile to her face.

She will love you to the moon and back if you are able to give her these pretty little surprise of her life.

Knowing what your girl wants will lead you to a lasting relationship.  After all, a woman is not a complicated creature.


Fiona Scott graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Mass Communication. She founded in 2015 after working as a content analyst for many years.

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